Friday, September 18, 2009

What I have been up to

It's been a long summer!! We have worked on race cars and built a shed, had barbeque's, gone racing, and in my spare time I have hidden out and gotten my creative bug working.

Without going into too much detail about everthing we have done, here are a couple projects I have done. I started a notebook with the family and their busy schedules in mind. Now if I keep it up to date that is another thing!

Here are a couple of "wallets" I threw together. I call it my money holder for the kids to raid me from. It will be the empty money wallet soon!

check in on Devin's website and see what we have (ok, they ) have been doing.

I will post more now that the temps are falling and I am to be indoors more now :( . I promise family to make you happy and post some pictures of the kids to prove I made it thru the summer without killing them!!
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