Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow days in Bolivar

As many of you know we have had ice, sleet, and snow Monday and Tuesday. As a result my children have had no school and lots of hours to sled and yesterday they decided to go out and build snow men. Not much to do on these cold days in the country ,I guess. Here are my 14, and 15 year old with the neighbor and one of my childcare kids.
After sledding the past few days with, mind you our towns Wal-mart no longer carries sleds, their version of a sled was a pizza pan two place mats and an old tarp. Had a blast sledding down the neighbors hill and in town on many fun spots. Yes, we are rednecks!!! They rounded out the days off with a couple snow people. Kaelie decided to make hers a girl. Yes it does have boobs and on the back she put butt cheeks. Any good woman knows we need to add butt cheeks to make it proper. Add a little flower and candy canes for arms, dig through moms scrapping pile and came up with some ribbon and buttons.
Devin came up with a nature inspired version I guess. A few rocks and some grass and he was good to go. Very proud are they with their little snow people. This is the happenings at our house the past few days not much more has gone on due to the weather but never a dull moment anyway, fun is always to be had around here.
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Monday, January 26, 2009


I do recall posting that I would not be good at updating this POD thing on as usual I have them taken just did not get them up. I still have not included all of them but here are a few. I will start out with "tip". My tip is either clean before each load..the cat...or clean out the dryer of all foreign objects before loading clothes. I was unloading the dryer this day and when I came back in the laundry room to put the wet clothes in I found Tinkerbelle in there instead. Don't try this at home!!
"Instruct" is my word for this day. As many of you know I am married to a basketball coach. He is now the head coach for the Bolivar Lady Liberators. He loves this role and knows that God had a plan (nothing we ever dreamed would happen) when this happened. But all in all he loves it and wouldn't trade it for anything. The plus is he can coach and has coached our girls! Just a little info...they won STATE last year!!!!!
"Water" is always always in this sink. I do child care and have 3 of my own children so dishpan hands are a must here. My dishwasher isn't cleaning so great these days (not that I ever used it anyway) so this is the water in my life..just call me June. LOL
"Fruit" On Christmas eve we were blessed to receive Florida Oranges form the father-in-law. He lives in St. Pete Beach,Florida. Yea, I feel sorry for him too...NOT! Esp after the storm we are supposed to be getting today. Anyway I added some apples and watch the kids attack. My children are strange they actually love this stuff. Thanks for looking and good luck with the weather coming your way. Pray for no power outages.
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Friday, January 16, 2009


My word for they day(yesterday) is "Jolly". I took time and thought what does that mean to me?? I looked at things for inspiration online and nothing hit me, then I went into the kitchen and saw this cup from Sonic. It was left over from the games the night before. I thought dang, I would LOVE to have a Sonic coke, and that's when it hit me. When I really have the urge to have one these little things make me very very jolly on the first sip. It is like my day will be fine after that. So after along drawn out explanation this is my POD....Sonic cokes make me JOLLY!
Today's word is "square"...I was, as usual, cleaning up my scrapping mess and this "square" stood out because I have 2 of these little pretties that sit on my desk and hold all my what-nots. They are old soda crates and at the $1 each I paid, I not only got a steal they are priceless to me. Yes it is a little warped from age but so am I so I won't complain too much (about the crates, about myself I can complain all I want!). This makes me excited for warm weather and garage sales, the snow outside isn't helping much. Oh well, have a great day and stay warm and cozy this weekend!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 POD journal

As I have already said I am challenging myself to a "picture of the day" (POD) for each day of 2009. This is really rough for me because those that know me know that
1: I am a bit scatterbrained
2. Because of this I get sidetracked easily
3. I do babysit small children and attend multiple games for my children and husband year around.
4. I am always busy. (yes, Kendra I am trying to learn the word NO)

Anyway in stead of trying to do the challenge properly and post on line everyday also, with a picture and something clever to say, I am going to keep them hidden away in my camera and make notes in my journal, then put the cooresponding pictures in there. This way my children can look back on how crazy not only our lives were but their mother too. I hope all of you out there remember no matter what kind of camera or how good you take pictures, take them...LOTS of them. You never know when you won't be here anymore or your loved ones won't, so treasure those memories and then if you feel led scrap them! I made this journal out of my kids cereal box when they finished with it. It is able to expand since it is two pieces and I can include as much as I would like. After all anything left sitting long enough is scrappable ya know. Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Some of you may think I am a little off my rocker for letting my kids race, but besides it being in their blood, I feel like they are safe in a winged, caged, and belted kart. My son on the other hand always has to test the boundries! He has accomplished alot in his few years of racing , but always pushing just a little harder every time. My picture of day is of the wing on his first kart. Needless to say, it did not look this way until his last race of the year that year. He did not even flip. He just came around a corner and the kart in front of him hit a rut (that should not have been there) and stopped on a dime. Devin then rear ended him in a turn and got hit from behind and the kart behind him landed on top of his kart. He had a bruise from the seatbelts but all in all was fine. He of course climbed right back in after being checked out, and the wing being bent back up, to look like this (kind of) and replaced a few parts, and raced his little heart out. Again, was taken out by a child that was in their first race that plowed into him, but we did have a great weekend. This by the way was Nationals, and he was not able to finish. Which has led to the desire to win even more since then. So the word for the day was Sport, and this is the extreme sport that my children are in and love. Boogity boogity.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life at my house in the new year

Well let's see... I am working hard on my "goals" I am not going to post my 365 pictures online all the time though. They are going into a journal I have here to write in along with the pictures. I can't take that pressure!!! You are doing an awesome job Kendra!!!
Meet Lindsy and her boyfriend Reece. Then meet the two amigos that have been friends since Devin was born (literally I babysat Cord before I even got pregnant with Devin ). They are never serious and always entertaining!!!
This is a typical day around here. Nuts I know!
Devin's sponsor invested in a new toy...a flat kart, then proceeded to slap on a YF200 motor and took him for a spin in a parking lot to test drive. Wow it can get up and go. I will say no more the mom thing kicks in now.....
And here are my girls. Aren't they pretty??? Yes, I took Kaelie to the local tattoo parlor and let my 16 year old "tat" herself up for the new year...NOT! All the basketball girls are into the temporary tattoos...I think it makes them look tougher out on the court or something. Well I just wanted to give you a sneak peak at the family in 2009. Sooner or later I will have time again to update this blog more often. I would love to hear from all of you. feel free to leave me a comment (only nice ones!).
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Me??

Ok so, I have not been updating very good lately. My camera seems to have lost contact with my hands, and I am on a fiendish cleaning frenzy through my house.
I have not even been able to torment my children with random snapshots at their expense and make them whine annoyingly to me to stop taking pictures and get the random shots of each persons palm as they grow. Does anyone else have 34,000 pictures of the palm of your kids hands??? Devin on the other hand can't be serious and "just smile" he has to make a face and groan everytime I come around. I think this will be one of my new year goals...annoy everyone as much as possible with the camera, while preserving memories. I am going to really go all out and try to do the 365 challenge!! Kendra please help me!!! I may need a support group.

There my first "resolution" as some call them.

Let's see number two...
I am thinking that my house will be organized and clean ( ok smarty pants pick yourself up of the floor and stop laughing at me!) I am going like a mad woman around the house, I even cleaned out the medicine cabinet. Dang girl, things expired in the year 2000!!! I mean really get a grip. I don't like to think of myself as a pack rat until I go on my cleaning sprees. Then I stand there and think why do we have this from 19... whatever. I don't have the patience to pile and organize then have a garage sale like most people. No I pile them into the back of my truck to haul in to the local charity place and think, wow this will help someone I am sure!! Only to find it still in the back of my truck 2 months later and my husband throws it in the dumpster telling me I should just get rid of the things to begin with. This really is a problem I have. So organization
should be bumped to number one I am sure. Or should I take a picture of the mess and then also take after shots. Yep, that is what I should do!

Number three...
I need to find peace. I used to be a very calm easy going person, but lately, not so much. Drama reigns high in our life for some reason...always someone we know with something that somehow engulfs us. My kids are teens, but pretty easy teens to keep up with, none of the "big" problems (yet). They are very active and keep me hopping but I love it (and them) no complaints. So for me I need to not get so bent out of shape and live life and love every minute. Yep, thats what I am going to work towards. I want to spend more quality time with the hubby and play more games with the family. We got a few games for christmas and have a very good relaxing fun time as a family doing that. I found out during our 9 days without electricity, when we had the ice storm , how great life is when your turn off the computer, tv, and telephone and spend some time with your family.

One other random thought came to my mind ( I know imagine that) I want to include the fact that I dont want to stress about being "in" the pictures and try to be on the other side of the camera some so that some family member years down the road knows that I existed and what I looked like, all the messy sloppy times as well as the dressed up posed shots. (this one will be the hardest one!!!!).

So from my blabbering brain to yours enjoy 2009 and spend more quality time with the ones you love, sit back and relax, enjoy every moment, take a picture to remember them and then...clean it all up and put on the shelf so you dont leave a mess. Happy New Year to all of you out there!!!
The Archers