Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She Shoots She Scores!!!

The basketball season has begun, and since it is Christmas break and "they" seem to think that everyone is off for 2 weeks and can attend ball games during the daytime hours, we are playing throughout the break. Our girls are in Lebanon in a tourney and had their first games yesterday. When Kaelie got home she was so excited that she did so good I forgot to ask the scores, but both teams, JV and varsity did pull it out. If you know Kaelie at all she comes and goes with her confidence levels, but when it's there you can't stop her! Yesterday I guess was one of those days. She played quite a bit and ended up scoring 11 points, with 3 -3 pointers and one 2 point shot. Congrats on a great day Kaelie. The picture above is at a different game because I am stuck home tied up with 2 year olds telling me what to do. Oh well at least I don't lack in the area of games to attend, I will be at the night time ones.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just wanted you to know I am alive still

I have been overun with cleaning, kids, christmas, cooking, and cats. I have not gotten any new pics for the fam to see and no exciting news to report so.....I will just let you know I am still alive and breathing as of now and will get on the ball soon and start keeping my blog updated. Have a happy day (just dont go to the mall, it's insane!!!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweet 16!

This would be Kaelie at her best. She is ham and loves to goof around with her friends. She is always a light when she walks in a room. Thanks Kaelie for brightening our lives 16 years ago today!!!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Basketball has begun

And we have begun another sports season and are in full swing. God forbid we get a break throughout the year. Anyway....this is Devin
he is supposed to be out of football season but as you can see tackling is still going on during basketball season. I think they play so many sports that they get confused as to what season it really is. Ok not really this is just a jump ball but it looks more like a tackle. He did very good the other night they won, and he scored 19 points, the game you see here they weren't so lucky they did loose this one, not without a lot of effort though. I guess it's just another page waiting to be scrapped. I'll hop right on that!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Circle Punch Happiness

After a trip out to the tree house to borrow a cirlcle punch I came up with this little beauty. I wandered on out ot Kendra's house to sneak a peek at her little tree house hideaway and her great scrapping room. She is a great friend and great scrapper and has soo many supplies that it was like a field trip for my daughter and me to visit her and her family. You need to go on over to her blog and read her entries. She is a great story teller and will keep you coming back daily to check in and see a new post. If you are in to scrapbooking you really need to check out her blog she is the best! Thanks again Kendra for letting me invade your house and borrow your tools. I will get them back to you, I promise!!
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Girl!

On Saturday my girl celebrated her 19th birthday!! Wow does time fly just like my momma told me it would! I am a couple days late posting (it was a busy weekend) but wanted everyone to know how proud I am to say Happy Birthday I love you!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Badges For Sale

May I see your license please? Ha just kidding! Here are a few picture holders (aka badge holders) that I made. I am going to put them in the shop . If anyone is interested email me and I will make you some. They are designed to put pictures into the additional sleeves and hang on a diaper bag , purse, backpack, keyring, etc.. Great little Christmas presents/ stocking stuffers, or great for teachers presents too. Let's not forget daycare workers need great little pick me ups as well, (don't forget us women at home and in day cares with your children!) The teens and little children in your life that want to carry pictures of family members or friends with them would love them too. Included in each picture holder set is 4 cards front and back with a ring to clip on to your bag. Each set can hold 7 photos, wallet size or smaller. Each one for only $5 (no 2 will be exactly alike).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Advent Calendar My Way

First of all I have decided that for photography purposes I have to repaint at least one wall in my house white. After running through the house looking for a wall to hang this silly thing up on to snap a picture, I realized I don't like white. Brown, black, yellow even purple, pink, and lime green, but no white anywhere. I even stepped outside and very quickly decided that was not going to happen, IT IS COLD out there!! So the pics are bad but you get the point I made an advent calendar.

Do you want to hear a secret??? I found some old white jean capris of my girls and used one of the legs for the background and then went out to the fire pit and got a stick for the hanger and rummaged around to find scraps of fabric to make the rest. Jeeze am I cheap or thrifty and money cautious? Just wondering your opinion.
I used a soft felt for this album and used light blue, soft pinks, and greens for pages on the inside. Thanks for looking. Have a great day.
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Girls Weekend Getaway

After many years of trying and never happening we finally did it. We, myself (Kelly) , Toni (my sister), Lindsy (my daughter), and my Pauline (my mom) all meet up in Lake of the Ozarks. Our Aunt and Uncle let us borrow their condo and laugh the nights away. A special thanks to Aunt Lee and Uncle Larry for the great place to stay and to all the men and kids for giving us up for one weekend to enjoy ourselves. I know there is a special girl missing, Kaelie. She decided to stay behind and go to the school semi-final football game and cheer them on in the spiiting snow adn 20 degree weather. The game did not turn out the way they had hoped but she had a great time. She also intended to go hunting but that had to wait until this next weekend they forgot to get up early Sunday. See what happens when moms away. They all sleep in too long and miss out.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Football and the Brown Paper Bag

I have beena busy little bee while the computer was down. I have an obsession with making paper bag albums. Yes, they are made out of brown lunch bags. This one is for Devin's football season he wrapped up in middle school. I like little mini books because I have a short attention span and can do one theme and move on to the next book and theme. Do they have a group for brown paper bag addicts with short attention spans?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I found some little sayings and thought I would share the fun with you. I found more but here are just a few that I liked. As you can tell my family is nuts and keeps me on my feet. We are not a sane bunch by a long stretch! Anyway enjoy and have a great day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am back and they are CHAMPS

So let's see many moons ago I had this computer and it would do what I asked then came along a "worm" and crawled through all the little files and closed down any options of opening up pictures or programs. Yes we sere hit and hit hard! Thank GOD a friend is smarter than we are and could salvage my pictures from behind the geat black screen we had. We are fixed and still reloading programs but thought I should explain that I did not indeed die, just my computer did and am living amnd breathing again to post daily boring things that interest me and go on and on about how great my kids are. Well enough jabbering I am off to watch the little ones run thru the house. Check out Devin's website at www.devinarcherracing.com. Kaelie's website will be up and running in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Countyline Speedway Champs

It was a long hard fought year for these kids! They bumped, wrecked, spun out and worked their little fingers to the bone with the help of their crew chiefs. It has all come to an end finally and each one had led in points at one time or another. The outcome??? 12K (Kaelie) and the 21 (Devin) tied for the championship. Then only a couple points behind was the great competitor K9 (Caelan McCracken). I figured ladies first in the pictures (since they are my kids). No Kaelie wasn't as happy with the outcome because she was out to prove GIRLS RULE! But she did make a statement as well as did the boys. This is a great class and girls can race too and are feared at times. LOL. Thanks to everyone that helps out , esp Martin for all the long hard hours he puts in to make them great racers. And Devins' sponsor, Randy. The sponsors of CGI (Dennis) and El Rodeo. Also to the competition on the track. Thanks for the great racing every week and the fun we have out there! Yes, there are up to 10 in our class but these three were the ones fighting hard each week to get that track championship because points were so close.

Thanks to the kids, the parents, and the track owners for a great place to have our family each and every weekend. Now if any of you have an ideas what the heck are we going to do on Saturday nights now? Ok, well what will we do after the next couple of weekends get passed us. Good luck at Got Milk and Boogieman the next few weekends see you there!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The week in a nutshell

Kaelie started volleyball finally. Here are a few pics...

Devin and the football season continues...So far no losses.
The only loss was this bunch of ribs after little man got into them. As you can see he enjoys his ribs! Not much time to post today..Just a few pics, I will update more later. Have a great week!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

BHS Homecoming 08

Homecoming has come a gone another year. Kaelie enjoyed the event by celebrating with her volleyball team in the parade. As you can see our colors are blue, gold, and white. The kids get into this, as they should, and dress up and celebrate being kids. We have a little tradition at our school that the kids started a few years ago, although they were put on hold last year but the tradition has picked up and continued on by having the "Shirtless Wonders" painted and cheering at all the games. "Liberators" is spelled out on the guys chests and they cheer through heat and, rain, or cold weather for our team!!! They girls paint them up and help get in the spirit of things by wearing tanks with a football theme on them. (Mom said ok to "shirted wonders" for them). Her are the girls, Kaelie and Kaliegh (how funny) and Colin (Kaleie's BF with the horns). Below are the guys celebrating being a high school student and all that is fun about these days. By the way WE WON!!! Have a great week.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Check out Huckleberrylayne.com

Bookmarks....well I was doing some therepy I guess. I sat out in my scrapcave and was trying to figure out what to do and this is what I came up with. I took them down to Dawn at the shop. She will have them out on the showroom floor for a quick grab and go gift. Stop by and check out her new items for fall and pick up a great smelly item while you are there!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tinkerbelle & the prayingmantis

This is our cat, Tinkerbelle. She is as most cats very curious. The other night she found this poor little bug on the driveway and decided to test her limits. The mantis did not back down! As you can see below the little buggy is a fearsome little thing. It fought and fought with Tink and even attached itself a few times to her nose. They are wonderous creatures and I was fasinated. In the end Tink won and the the bug did not (we do have other curious cats) but it did take quite a battle on the bugs part.
To honor the little guy and the upclose coolness of him I scrapped a page. Boy what us obssesed scrappers won't use for a layout! Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It has begun

So I took forever to post these, they are from last Tuesday. Devin began his last year in Middle school football last week. He is the running back and lineman. They are also trying him at quarterback some. He had a great game but no one scored on either team. In middle school they don't play til someone wins they just play the allotted time. He is number 13 in case you wondered.

This one was blurry but I loved the shot. He has the ball and is running quickly away from the Willard guys. I would be too, not because I am supposed to but because they scare me! Heck I run from Devin at home when I see him coming (he really really likes to tackle).

In this shot he is the one on the ground tackling the guy with the ball. He does love to tackle!!! He however does suffer from a bone bruise on his back pelvic bone area on the growth plate. What a trooper. I would be laid up and whining. Don't worry, he does whine once he gets home.

Here is the boy at a timeout. My he is getting so big. I know doesn't sound right once they aren't toddlers to put it that way but he is 5'10 and such a great young man not a little boy anymore. :( He is the one with the helmet off. Just thought you would like to get some shots of my crazy busy life. Football has begun and Kaelie just started volleyball. She gets to start playing later this week (she started late). I will be sure to get some pics in when I get some action shots of her too. Have a great day and thanks for looking!