Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is for the boys!

Just a little post for the boys that are becoming a very big part of our family. Next time I come at you with the camera don't turn and run, put your arm up to block me or tell me NO. Smile boys here I come!!
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Happy Halloween to you!

Just a quick hello and Happy Halloween to all of you! I will update and post some new pictures of what we have been up to soon. I would like to request a prayer for Kaelie as she recoups from surgery on Monday. She had her gall-bladder removed and is in a bit of pain so any words upwards for quick healing and hopefully the repair of her illness she has suffered thru for the last 3 years would be greatly appreciated!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

What I have been up to

It's been a long summer!! We have worked on race cars and built a shed, had barbeque's, gone racing, and in my spare time I have hidden out and gotten my creative bug working.

Without going into too much detail about everthing we have done, here are a couple projects I have done. I started a notebook with the family and their busy schedules in mind. Now if I keep it up to date that is another thing!

Here are a couple of "wallets" I threw together. I call it my money holder for the kids to raid me from. It will be the empty money wallet soon!

check in on Devin's website and see what we have (ok, they ) have been doing.

I will post more now that the temps are falling and I am to be indoors more now :( . I promise family to make you happy and post some pictures of the kids to prove I made it thru the summer without killing them!!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are we nuts??

As many of you know we are a little off our rocker, but this is getting ridiculous. For entertainment around here we have resorted to dressing up the dogs for fun. There is never a dull moment in this house, always someone dropping by or projects going on, chaos at all times. I don't know what possessed us to do these things and think that we are sane people.
As you can see it has been awhile since I have posted. Did anyone notice the sun and the warmth outside??? I am an addict, plain and simple. I cannot stand to be indoors when it is nice out. We do have a project or two brewing outside though and I will be out hopefully, finishing one of them up for the next few days. If your bored this weekend, drop by and join in the fun. I have Popsicles for you if you want to help (that always works with the little ones).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary

Just wanted to do a shout out to my hubby...Happy Anniversary dear. We made it to 20 years today. Let's party it up and shoot for 20 more. Love you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

District Champs!!!

Just a few pictures of our Lady Liberator soccer team. They pulled out a win for the first time in the history of Bolivar soccer!!!! As you can see we have an amazing goalie, Sara Scott and then of course my amazing defender, Kaelie. The boys all painted themselves up as the "Shirtless Wonders" that are usually sound at football games, but came in support of our soccer girls this time. Good luck girls on Thursday in Warrensburg!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The old in new again

I as usual, was surfing the web and found a cute idea and stole it from House of Wren. I just love old vintage things and wanted one of my own. This little pretty was a table runner I purchased at a local thrift store in a bag of material for $2. The handles are from another table runner that was also in the bag. The pieces were not complete pieces they had flaws or holes but as you can see vintage is still beautiful. I hope this inspires you to whip out that sewing machine and grandmas old pillow cases, tea towels, or table runners that they so lovingly made and don't let them sit and waste away. Directions are on the link I included. Have fun and use your imagination. If you do make something send me a picture I would love to see it!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I might be a redneck if.....

....this is what you did this weekend. Those of us that live in the middle of the country have to get in the grass cutting and weed eating when we can in between rain in the spring. My lovely daughter thought it would be funny if she snuck out and took an unsuspecting picture of her dear old mom weed eating in my rubber boots. (I also tromp through the woods in these helping the hubster hunt mushrooms. Wow what a site I am.) Yes this is me at my finest. Thanks to Lindsy I will now forever know how ridiculous I looked.
Before weed eating though I decided to go out and enjoy our towns big event of the year and go to the City wide garage sales. The whole town signs up and everyone cleans out their garage of all the crap...goodies....that we all fight over and hope to get the best deal. The lovely weed eater you see me with above, was a great find at $5 at a garage sale. I was told an electric one is crazy to have out here in the boonies, but it is light and I don't have a nervous breakdown everytime I try to start this little baby. I just plug in 5 extensions cords and push a button and go my merry way. BTW we do live on 3 acres, it does take alot of cords to cover that area! The box to the left was only a dollar. For those of you that scrapbook you know what a find these little treasures are. My son scored a fishing pole and everyone was happy.
To end the weeekend I started scrapping again. I have not done anything lately. My cousin Traci sent me some pictures of her beautiful kids and I did get one page done of her little clone. Like mother like daughter. She looks like she is quite comfy in front of the camera.
Since we are in soccer and track season and I have an obsession sith paper bag albums I made these little babies for all the pictures I take. I haven't printed any yet but soon they will be filled and on display on the footstool of our couch. Come by and take a look.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Prom 2009

What can I say...she is growing up fast! Mom you were right when you said time flies when you have children. One minute they are crawling thru the house getting into everything and the next they are off with a boy to prom looking like a beautiful young lady. She is a sophomore dating a senior so we do have a couple more years to cry my motherly tears. Her boyfriend, Colin is a great guy though and they had a great time. Lindsy had to get in on the act to..she stole Colin's sunglasses (he found pink ones to match Kaelie's dress) and his gangster hat and they posed for dear ole' mom.

This is Kaelie's dear friend, Hillary. She is a sweet girl and totes my girl all over town when they get together, and giggle the whole time. It is always nice to see them dressed up like ladies and not in a basketball uniform (with black eyes :)) or in shorts and a t-shirt. You looked beautiful girls!!!
Realize we live in a small town. All the kids that went did not meet up here but a bunch of them did. It is a great thing for the paparazzi parents that live here. We all fight for a great shot and ooh and ahh over each others kids. Most of these kids were in diapers playing together and are now off on their way to a life without us everyday. The senior prom of 2009 has now come and gone and all we have left are memories of a beautiful night and LOTS of pictures!!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

My week Wrapped Up

Yes this is yet another day in my busy life. What can I say about Devin? He is a very energetic boy, very very competitive, and there is never a dull moment with him around! Here he is doing one of his many sports he enjoys, middle school track happens to be the sport of the day. He is in 4 events including long jump, 200 meter dash, the 4 X 1 relay, and the 4X2 relay. In this meet he placed 1st in all events and was happy. In the relay the boys broke a school record and in the 200 meter dash Devin shaved off 2 seconds from his time. Awesome awesome day! Mom was happy because this is how the 65 degree day ended at this track meet.

Isn't this a beautiful way to end a great day? I'll take it anytime. Please hurry back nice dry warm weather, please.

The next night and a couple nights after the track meet this is what we did. Kaelie loves this sport. Soccer to her is like breathing. She plays defense and is awesome at it!! She is a go-getter and strives to prove herself in all that she does. She even got a mention from her coach in the paper this week for her and a fellow team mate, Lindsay Kelly, for being, "the keys for us defensively tonight."Coach Edge said. "Rodgersville has a very athletic forward, and those two did a super job of being physical with her and taking her out of the play." How cool is that?? You always want to please the coach. Too bad this picture is of Clinton, good job mom. Oh well you get the point, with 3 games a week I get a little confused, I am getting old you know. Have a great week and I will try to keep you up family! Hope everyone had a happy Easter.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This one is for Mom and Ian....

I don't always do what I say I will right away, but I will get around to it. I tend to be a BIG procrastinator!!! Sorry to all those unfinished projects I intend to get around to, I will get there. To my mother, I post a picture of the lovely green Jeep that my daughter, Lindsy just bought. Ok she bought it 3 weeks ago but here is the picture, finally. Pretty, ha? Her favorite color in the world.
To my nephew, Ian.. I post a picture of the not so city slicker cousins you have down in the sticks. Yes, this is a form of entertainment in these here parts. All you have to do is "text" one person and tell them you have a dirt track in your backyard and the fact that it had rained like cats and dogs the night before made them come in the multitude. The trucks out here where the brave few that ventured out and went mudding in our field on the track. They had a great time then parked them in a circle cranked up the hillbilly music and had a big ol' bonfire. Doesn't that sound like a good time, Ian??? Don't you want to come live with your crazy hillbilly cousins? No comments Denne' or Traci!!

And on to a little bit of normal life, soccer has begun again. It is weird to sit and watch Kaelie out there playing and not see Lindsy!! She is all graduated and a working girl but she still goes when she can to practice and games and helps out with the team. In case you are wondering Kaelie is number 6 the one getting ready to trip the girl next to her (in the white). She is a sweetie off the field! They won this game 4-0.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going back in time

I have tried to get organized but for some reason it just isn't happening. I can't seem to remember to email the current pictures I take to the store and go pick them up. I run to town and then remember. Oh well...I have just gone back and pulled out some old pictures and scrapped them. The one above is of my hubby and his sisters, Melissa and Denne'. I am not even sure how long ago this was taken but it is a great memory because we have lost Melissa. She was lost to colon cancer at a very young age. Denne' however, loves to call and torment me all the time. She is a great sis-in-law and wouldn't have it any other way, right Piggy Nose?
This picture is of Devin and his friend, Alex. They were in their sweet years here, now.....they are 14 and 15 and in "those years" now. I love him to death but really do you survive teenage boys to talk about it, sanely?
Well, my daughter told me I am bad about updating my blog so I apologize to those of you that care. I will try to do better. And yes mom, I will get the Jeep pic up soon. Have a great day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It''s been a busy few days!

First of all, we spent all weekend at the Indoor Nationals in Lebanon, Mo. It was a great weekend and great weather!!! Devin raced his stock flat kart on Friday night and ended up finishing 5th, not bad for only his second race in it! Here you see him "knucking" Ben to start the race. Devin is in the black #10 kart.
On Saturday Kaelie and Devin both raced their winged F-200's and Kaelie won this one. As you can see she got the sexy trophy girl and everything.LOL Sorry the picture is so bad I was running trying to get by the flagmen and announcer to get a straight shot, so it's blurry but you get the idea. After this race they were able to remove their wings and race with the 500's. The kart's they drive are 200's but because they raced on Coke syrup Devin was able to not only pass the whole pack of 500's he lapped them two times for the win!!!! This was a highlight for him for sure! Kaelie broke her brake rod after the first lap and didn't get to race.

On a lighter side I wanted to share with you a picture of my darling daughter when she was about 5 months old....isn't she adorable! This is Lindsy, she is now 19 so it is the age that mom wants to show these pictures off just to embarrass her, ya know. The products used are from my Scarlet Lime subscription. If comments are left I will share them with her for sure.

This little girl is our newest addition. Lindsy received her for Valentines day from her boyfriend. Her name is Paisley she is a lab pup and a little fireball. This is our first grand dog so I thought we would show her off.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Four years ago today we lost a special girl. Her name was Kyla Quennoz, she was 15. She touched so many lives in so many ways you can't imagine. Lindsay writes her feelings here that so many of us feel. I have, like many others asked, "Why God? Why them?". I heard something one time that made sense to me. God takes the good people that so many of us don't understand why they had to go because if He only took the bad it would not change our lives and make us learn what is important in life and make a difference. She definitely touched us and made a difference in our lives, we will never forget her! Kyla is one reason I take so many pictures. I figure good ones or bad ones I at least have that memory preserved. I treasure every one of them too. She was the same age as my oldest daughter and a friend of hers, as well as a friend to many many others. Thank you Kyla for being our special angel on earth as well as in heaven, and thank you for being their friend, and thank you for changing our lives...for the better.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lucas Oil Winter Nationals

We spent many hours getting their karts ready. I would like to say thanks to Martin for the time and dedication he puts into the sport for us. I have included a picture of our new Nationals champ, Devin. Kaelie won their heat race but came up a little short and finished second. We are really proud of these two. They play hard and race hard. Devin also tried his hat at a flat kart this weekend for the first time. He made it into the A feature out of about 30 entries and placed 6th. He had a blast racing with the adults in this race, and was a fair competitor.
Here you see my two in the front, Kaelie starting pole position and Devin on her side. If you look real hard (good pictures are hard to get here) Their tires are already into each other and they hadn't even gotten the green flag yet. Ok, Kaelie's tire is into Devin trying to push him out of the way I guess. Sibling rivalry is everywhere in our family.
Here is Kaelie and Martin working on her kart in the pits before she goes out on the track. Checking gears and making sure everything is tightened and ready to go. We had a great weekend and the outcome was not too bad either.
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