Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She Shoots She Scores!!!

The basketball season has begun, and since it is Christmas break and "they" seem to think that everyone is off for 2 weeks and can attend ball games during the daytime hours, we are playing throughout the break. Our girls are in Lebanon in a tourney and had their first games yesterday. When Kaelie got home she was so excited that she did so good I forgot to ask the scores, but both teams, JV and varsity did pull it out. If you know Kaelie at all she comes and goes with her confidence levels, but when it's there you can't stop her! Yesterday I guess was one of those days. She played quite a bit and ended up scoring 11 points, with 3 -3 pointers and one 2 point shot. Congrats on a great day Kaelie. The picture above is at a different game because I am stuck home tied up with 2 year olds telling me what to do. Oh well at least I don't lack in the area of games to attend, I will be at the night time ones.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just wanted you to know I am alive still

I have been overun with cleaning, kids, christmas, cooking, and cats. I have not gotten any new pics for the fam to see and no exciting news to report so.....I will just let you know I am still alive and breathing as of now and will get on the ball soon and start keeping my blog updated. Have a happy day (just dont go to the mall, it's insane!!!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweet 16!

This would be Kaelie at her best. She is ham and loves to goof around with her friends. She is always a light when she walks in a room. Thanks Kaelie for brightening our lives 16 years ago today!!!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Basketball has begun

And we have begun another sports season and are in full swing. God forbid we get a break throughout the year. Anyway....this is Devin
he is supposed to be out of football season but as you can see tackling is still going on during basketball season. I think they play so many sports that they get confused as to what season it really is. Ok not really this is just a jump ball but it looks more like a tackle. He did very good the other night they won, and he scored 19 points, the game you see here they weren't so lucky they did loose this one, not without a lot of effort though. I guess it's just another page waiting to be scrapped. I'll hop right on that!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Circle Punch Happiness

After a trip out to the tree house to borrow a cirlcle punch I came up with this little beauty. I wandered on out ot Kendra's house to sneak a peek at her little tree house hideaway and her great scrapping room. She is a great friend and great scrapper and has soo many supplies that it was like a field trip for my daughter and me to visit her and her family. You need to go on over to her blog and read her entries. She is a great story teller and will keep you coming back daily to check in and see a new post. If you are in to scrapbooking you really need to check out her blog she is the best! Thanks again Kendra for letting me invade your house and borrow your tools. I will get them back to you, I promise!!
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