Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well it has been a long road and only lost 2 this year but 2 more games and we are going to STATE! The girls (and the coaches) have worked hard to get here and it paid off Saturday when they won the District title. The Bolivar boys team won on Friday night (1st time in amost 50 years)to get the district title also, and we are both headed to Sedalia on Wednesday. Wish us luck!!!! GO LIBERATORS!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wow what a week!

Ok so to start my oldest, Lindsy showed me her Valentines present from Derik. Yes she got a diamond. It is a promise ring (kinda big for that, hope thats all it is)! She was excited and mom gives up she is old enogh to make her own decisions I guess. Love her even if she isn't my little girl anymore. Ok so we end the week last week with this surprise then......

Kaelie moves the truck into the side parking area (by the trailers) and it gets stuck so my dear husband decides to drive thru the yard after ice, snow and rain for a whole week has soaked into the ground. Well guess what?!?!...he got stuck and stuck good. So we call Gary and he comes up in his big 4 wheel drive and pulls right in behind the stuck one and SINKS right down into the yard!! He then proceeds to gun it over and over , mind you I am standing right behind his truck waiting for instructions on what to do, anyway.. We now could hold a dirt race in our backyard. No not for our Karts the ruts are too deep. Thank goodness he has a tractor to and can come flatten it out when it dries up some. Needless to say the cute little blue 2 wheel drive truck sat there for a couple days and another friend with a cattle truck and a 40 foot chain pulled us out from closer to the driveway where it was not so wet. Mark...what do you think of what we have done with the yard?? Want us to come landscape yours???
Muddin' anybody???

We did have our first round of districts last night and pulled out a big win. Tommorrow night though will be tough we match up against the one team that has beat us this year,Marshfield. Wish us luck!

Monday, February 18, 2008

This is SOOO Funny!

OMG this has to be the funniest web show ever. If you are a mom please check this out!! I laughed so hard on some that I cried. And we all know how much we need a good laugh (at someone elses expense that is). Click on the title and it will take you to the link.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Senior Night

Last night was Senior night at our last home basketball game. Wimper, wimper... Yes I am getting old. My beautiful daughter will be leaving us soon for bigger and better things. I asked someone to take some pictures for me. They were a little dark and unfocused but thats ok..we still have the memory. ( and something else for me to scrap!) Oh yea they won too (some people and their priorities want to know the game turns out too not just how good the girls looked).Jeeze.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sled or No Sled You Pick

Ok so here is the crew.. Matt Devin, and Kaelie. They got out the sled and tied it to the back of the four-wheeler. Ok that does not sound too out of the ordinary, right? They jumped on the sled and got pulled around and had a great ol time.

Lindsy even got in on the fun. Notice..
SAFETY first. They did put on the helmets in case of a killer ground hog or something. Then a few days later...

We now had snow but they opted to not use the sled but body sled. I looked out the back window and Devin goes flying by on his BACK!! They simply hung on to rope and layed out on their back (and which ever way they rolled) and got pulled in the snow. Now tell me why would you use a sled with no snow but not use it with snow??? If you can figure out my children please let me know. I guess this is just another day in my crazy busy life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


What in God's name kinda of men are these??? NUTS I tell ya!!!! Darin is our new "Rockband" singer for their group called Archerpaloosa. Devin on the other hand was just being Devin. I made a little mini book of our daily insane lives with a bunch of pictures of things throughout the year.

I found a saying that is fitting to my family:
Family is like Fudge
Mostly sweet, with a few nuts!
Have a great day

Lucas Indoor Nationals

Well I am slow on the draw as usual but I will get it online. Devin and Kaelie raced last weekend at the Lucas Winter Nationals. It was a great time (just very gassy)! Devin took first and Kaelie came in second. She also raced good enough that she is getting an airbrushing job done by one of Devins sponsors! He watched her race and decided if she is going to race with the big boys she needs to look good! She is very excited. When it gets done I will let everyone see in on the view.

Kaelie takes this racing very seriously!!! Here she is getting ready to go out on the track and mom is annoying her with the camera. Can you see the "look" on her face??

Here is the start of the race and all I could get was the two of them in the picture. They won alot of prizes from Burris and QRC. (All stuff for their karts) so mom and dad dont have to buy the things!!!YEA!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Craft pretties

My mom brought these little pretties. Aren't they awesome??? They are wine bottle lights. She knows that we are a little bit obsessed with racing so she made Darin and Kaelie a Jeff Gordon bottle and Kara lee a Tony Stewart. I would like to know where her daughters racer is??? I can feel the love. She does sell these if anyone is interested.
I am slowly try to get my SCRAPCAVE decorated and organized, only for the 300th time. I have hit all the flea markets in town and also the thrift stores and found all these awesome little jars.They were a steal at .25-.50 each! I tend to not use it if I can't see it.

I found two baskets like this at the local thrift store for only $1.50 each!!! This one sits in the kitchen with all my mini albums in it. I had hit Margie Pearls and gotten 75 yards of assorted ribbons and didn't know what to do with them. I stopped by and found this and now I dig like it's Christmas morning. Some people are very organized with ribbon but I pull it all out and play with it and then drop it back in. I have to have a little fun in my life.
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