Wednesday, April 30, 2008


sorry don't know what happened to the pics. Here they are.

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The Clampets??

Ok so the DH says we look like the Clampets because I want to hang a clothesline out ( I love love love the fresh air smell). Also in the summer the kids can hang their towels on the line whent they get out of the pool. Ok so... I can pick up the towels off the ground and hang them up on the line. Does it look that bad??
Does this look any better. He complains about my clothes line when we have a beauty of a yard ornament. This poor thing has lived long and mowed hard. We have had many many repairs and lots of trips around the yard but the lawn mower repair man said she is done. So here she sits in our yard looking pretty. And the toys and the pets are slowly disappearing. If you look hard there are two bikes in the grass that are supposed to be ridden but the grass clumps are too high. And I do babysit so before too long small children will be dissappearing too. So yes we have become the Clampet family. If you would like to contact us just send it to the Rednecks out on the top of the hill by the old dead lawn mower out bedhind the clothesline. (that is by the way proper directions for this neck of the woods!)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Please pray for this little boy

Granton is a very special boy here in Bolivar! He is the grandchild to some very special friends and the son to some friends and very special people. They have been a testament to everyone about faith in God in trying times. Granton is in ICU fighting for his life after being found to have no immune system. He is trying to fight off two very bad infections so that he can undergo a bone marrow transplant. In Bolivar and many other towns people have organized bone marrow testing to help find this little guy a match. And donations to help the family are all around town. Also, donate to Roanld McDonald House as they are helping the family with living arrangements through this. Please keep his family and him in your prayers. And check in on his blog.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Huckleberry Layne

We have opened our doors!!! Come check us out from 10-6 Monday thru Friday and Saturdays til 1:00. We are still a work in progress and are looking for handmade gifts to sell in our shop. We want to be priced reasonable and keep it homey and homemade as much as possible. We will also be offering some homemade food items for your gifting pleasure too. Please stop by and say hi and take a look around soon.

Come by and buy a bear and $2.00 a bear will go towards the fund raiser for Granton Bayless and his family to help in their medical needs. If you don't need a bear just drop some money in the donation jar and we will get it to the family. Thanks for your support in helping the Bayless family.
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We are open

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

One last pic

Wow what to say about these three. They started out in 2nd grade being friends and playing ball together. They have spent many hours together laughing, crying, fighting, and being the best of friends! They are beautiful inside and out. I am very proud to know them and to say that they are part of my family too. Not by birth just by love but just the same. ( ok Lindsy is by birth but you understand:). Love you girls .
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More prom pics!

Here are the girls that met up at the gazebo. And then the whole crew. There are 160 in their class but here are some with dates. They do clean up nicely. I am used to seeing them all in sweats or sports uniforms, so this was a great treat!

Lindsy sporting with her buddies. These guys get together and play cards and goof around. Great group of kids.
Kinzi, Lindsay, Natalie, Cecilee, and Lindsy.
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Prom 08 Pictures

Here is the beautiful Lindsy and Derik. They were at the gazebo that most of the kids met at for pictures before leaving for Branson to have Prom. Doesn't she look pretty?!?!?!

These girls are Ashley Martin, Morgan Stevens and Lindsy. They each chose a dress from the same designer. They posed like they were at the grammy's. All alike yet had their own mark. How lovely they all look.
Back view with a liitle attitude.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liberator Challenge 08

So it is that time of year again. Liberator challenge, where you do stupid stuff and dress in your class colors and make a god-awful fool of yourself in front of everyone.

Yes I was involved in the "foolishness" this year. Kaelie's friends chose to have me be their representative for their class. I guess cause they are all bigger than me and I would have to run thru the halls with books and almost pass out from old age. I do play a great game of ping pong though. Kaelie on the other hand volunteered to do this to herself.
She has 10 pounds (not really) of shaving cream on her head and we were behind her throwing goldfish crackers onto her lovely hair. Yes that is my sweet little girl lookin good! We lost that one and the whole evening cause we were Freshman and the Seniors won cause they are seniors and that is just the way the world works. Thanks to Matt Magana for taking the pictures this evening because I had to have pics and was very busy. Besides, that day the girls had soccer games in the snow, sleet, and rain, while 30 degress outside. I can complain about sitting under 3 blankets all I want, they were out there in the 20 mile an hour winds playing. Kaelie in shorts ( she says she can't play in sweats). CRAZY CHILD! Any way we had a fun weekend and now off on our busy week.
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Friday, April 11, 2008


Somehow my little girl didn't get loaded. Here she is playing her little heart out.
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What a day we have had!!!

Ok.. so it was nice but cold for the track meet and Devin did very well...he is a fast little man. Must be from all the years of us running after him when he was in trouble and him sprinting away. I guess it all pays off in the end. This was Monday and he came home with 1 first pace medal and 3 second place. Not bad. Tuesday we had a soccer game and it was overcast and getting cloudy as time went on. I managed to snap a few pictures of the girls (Kaelie was at the other end and I didnt quite get her focused right.) Anyway right before half ....
This rolled in. We had a 30 minute delay for lightening and I had to take a kid home cause of the lightening and Devin snapped these out the truck window over by the hospital. The clouds were really spooky. Kinda cool though. It passed in 30 minutes without a drop of rain and the game went on. We won by the way. Yea it all worked out good game, a win, and great pics!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ok so you know I have been working on the new business with a friend. We are getting there. Wow, it is alot of work to open up! Here is a quick view of our first arrangement. Looks kinda cool, Ha? (my kids hate it when I use that word!) The chips won't stay on the chair when we open either.

This is one of the display cabinets with some of her "goodies" in it. We have been busy making soaps, bears, candles, potpourri, room sprays, and some other things but my brain is tired and cannot think right now.

This is Dreamweaver and Betty the bears. They are hand dipped in wax and you use them as room fresheners. Aren't they adorable! Can't wait till we have everyone shopping and putting in requests. Email me or call me if you have any ideas. Oh yea, we will have fudge and candies from the Omish too!!! I am going to weigh 500 pounds soon (it is way to close to Sonic ). We are in the old Creator Designs building so stop by for a preview and give us some ideas. Or we can sneak you a sale on the sly.
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