Friday, September 26, 2008

Check out

Bookmarks....well I was doing some therepy I guess. I sat out in my scrapcave and was trying to figure out what to do and this is what I came up with. I took them down to Dawn at the shop. She will have them out on the showroom floor for a quick grab and go gift. Stop by and check out her new items for fall and pick up a great smelly item while you are there!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tinkerbelle & the prayingmantis

This is our cat, Tinkerbelle. She is as most cats very curious. The other night she found this poor little bug on the driveway and decided to test her limits. The mantis did not back down! As you can see below the little buggy is a fearsome little thing. It fought and fought with Tink and even attached itself a few times to her nose. They are wonderous creatures and I was fasinated. In the end Tink won and the the bug did not (we do have other curious cats) but it did take quite a battle on the bugs part.
To honor the little guy and the upclose coolness of him I scrapped a page. Boy what us obssesed scrappers won't use for a layout! Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It has begun

So I took forever to post these, they are from last Tuesday. Devin began his last year in Middle school football last week. He is the running back and lineman. They are also trying him at quarterback some. He had a great game but no one scored on either team. In middle school they don't play til someone wins they just play the allotted time. He is number 13 in case you wondered.

This one was blurry but I loved the shot. He has the ball and is running quickly away from the Willard guys. I would be too, not because I am supposed to but because they scare me! Heck I run from Devin at home when I see him coming (he really really likes to tackle).

In this shot he is the one on the ground tackling the guy with the ball. He does love to tackle!!! He however does suffer from a bone bruise on his back pelvic bone area on the growth plate. What a trooper. I would be laid up and whining. Don't worry, he does whine once he gets home.

Here is the boy at a timeout. My he is getting so big. I know doesn't sound right once they aren't toddlers to put it that way but he is 5'10 and such a great young man not a little boy anymore. :( He is the one with the helmet off. Just thought you would like to get some shots of my crazy busy life. Football has begun and Kaelie just started volleyball. She gets to start playing later this week (she started late). I will be sure to get some pics in when I get some action shots of her too. Have a great day and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cookies & Tires

So I love to go to the Pioneer Woman's site and look up recipes. As you can see we found a great sugar cookie one and tried it. Do you think she would be proud? I think not!!!!! It started off ok..then.......they got a little nutso! The cookies turned out tasting great but a little much in the icing department (thank you Matt and Lindsy) See how precise they were at the beginning then..

On Sunday night Martin treated us to a treat by going to Lucas Oil Speedway, to enjoy the modified and World of Outlaw races. We had a great time (despite freezing to death) but when we went down in the pits to visit with the racers they love, they ended up with these for some reason. Needless to say Devin has already made a bedside table out of his (boy does it stink!) Mom is going to have Febreeze it or something, it is very smelly. What goes through my kids heads? Where they dropped on their heads as babies or what? FYI...Saturday's races will be made up on this next Saturday night (rain in the middle of the heats stopped us). Double features come out and watch!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Sharon! Here are a few inspirations

Love this for the Christmas season coming up. If you are anything like me, I procrastinate. OK well, I choose to say I will get to it when I get in the mood and get that crafty mojo going on. Yea, that's what I do not the "P" word. Anyway, it's cool and would look great on one of my 13 trees. So, I have a problem with hoarding, we've covered that before. By the way, we still have a few cats up for adoption. See, I am getting better.

These are the coolest! I as always, was surfing the net, I get a great tan doing that ya know. And I found this idea. I like to find these things and challenge myself with simple projects (that always turn in to major ones!). I as usual did not keep track of where I found it just emailed myself, since no one else does, so I would remember. For you crafty people needing storage this is the coolest! If you figure it out please send me a picture when you make it. Then I will get around to doing it too. :)

By the way, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my great Mother in Law, Sharon! She is a great "other mother" to me and I hope that she has a fun filled day and night out on the town. OK, you are probably working and going out with the only child left within the state, Hi Denne', but kiss Kaitlyn and pinch Denne's piggy nose, and have a wonderful day! Wish we could see you more. Can someone do something about the gas prices so we can see family more!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

another scrappy night

You can see he still has it. What you ask, well he did complain of sore legs and an aching back, but he did hit a couple home runs!! He said if he hits a homer he does not have to run as hard to get to base, so it is easier. So as you can see he still has it and is still the love able ol' Darin. This was a back to school softball tourney that the staff all played in.
Lindsy and Kaelie did not get to make their trip this year to go and see grandpa Archer (darn the luck, he lives in St. Pete Beach). However I did find photos from last year and decided to use some of my SL kit and scrap a remembrance of the beach. Don't you love the fashion accessory on Kaelie' arm? The trip was right after she broke her wrist racing last year. She did have a fantastic tan line!
This page I am going to enter into a contest over at Scrappin the Music. They had Bon Jovi as the inspiration music this week. "It's My Life" was the song and perfect for Kaelie and her go get em' attitude. Probably won't win but it was fun entering and making the page. Have a great rainy day.
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This is kinda scary!!! Check this out

A friend emailed this to me and I thought maybe this would be interesting to the rest of you. Check it out by clicking onthe link.

Monday, September 1, 2008

One, Two, Three




Yes, Caelan did it again!! Kaelie ran a great race along with Caelan, she just drove too hard into a corner and spun on her 2nd to the last lap, recovered herself but Caelan was just too fast and crossed the finish line before she could catch up. Congrats to Caelan McCracken for the second week in a row. Devin came in third with troubles they figured out after the races concluded. He should be in contention with the other two next week. Watch out it is gonna get good! For a better story check this out (she is so good at story telling!).