Monday, March 24, 2008

A work in progress

Ok so we decided to lay the flooring that we have in the living room in our bedroom too. When we pulled up the old carpet to our dismay we found...yuck!! The tub had leaked and we had to cut a hole (that is where Gary is) in the floor. It was pretty cool to see under the house from your bedroom though. So after replacing the yuck spot we moved on to the flooring. We (the wise ones) decided that we probably had enough flooring left over from doing our living room and went forward with our mission. Guess what?!?!? We are one row short!!! Figures . Now we are on a mission to find one more box of flooring (since the store we got it from is out) to be able to finish the project. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Stay tuned for the continuing saga of our lives. And a picture of the finished project.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

They did it!!

Well as you may already know, they won!!!!! I have been soooooo busy that I forgot to post anything and have not even been on he computer since we got back! The team had a Pep Assembly the Sunday we got back and I have included a few pictures from them goofing around.
This is the seniors at their best! They are really close and a goofy bunch.
Again I say GOOFY!!! We wanted to fet a pictures with the senior girls and said to do something...they looked at each other and dove under the table. Great minds think alike I guess.
And here is the special one. Dad and daughter sharing the limelight and the the !st place trophy. They still haven't come down from the high yet! Sorry it took so long I have been helping a friend open a business. will post something soon on that and you can come by and check us out. There is a website though...
She is at the old creator designs building...we are in the process of getting it together but welcome you to come by.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Prom Dresses

Ok so I was looking for a prom dress for Lindsy. She is a senior and of course has to have the greatest dress ever!!! I found these and thought I might run them by her and see what she thinks. What do you think?? They are economical, original, and no one else will have the same one on on her special night. You think she will like them? Give me your thoughts and let me know which one she should try out. I think I could even go to the "special party store " instead of Wal-mart and get the fancier balloons and splurge a little.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

They are going to STATE!!!!

Well.....they did it!! On Thursday after lots of celebrating in school the girls are on their way to STATE!!!
Here is a shot of the final score from across the gym. The girls have fought hard and played great and it hopefully will all pay off on Friday then Saturday next weekend when they play for the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Good Luck girls do it this year and go get FIRST!