Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rain and racing

Well we did get racing in on Friday. Devin placed 1st and Kaelie 2nd at Warsaw. It was a good race however....Saturday it rained and we were postponed til Sunday at CLS. We worked all afternoon to prepare and then started the Heat races and guess what?!?! It rained! I am real tired of all the rain. I thought maybe a great picture of my precious little boy racer would cheer you up..it usually makes me laugh when I look at it. No, he doesn't usually look this way out on the track but at home in the garage when he is bored and feeling goofy this is Devin. Watch out Speed Racer.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life scrapped

So I finally had time to sit down and do what I love to do and put together a little book about us crazy people that live here. I have pictures but have not had time to do anything with them. So here is a little view into our crazy busy life thru scrapbooking instead of just a picture.
Let's see...Darin coaching the girls team (that won STATE, by the way) the next is Matt playing floor hockey with my crew in the living room. They had a blast but broke the Dollar General hockey stick so he had to duck tape it together. (WOW duct tape does fix everything!)
Here is Lindsy and her BF Derek at a soccer game being themselves..goofballs. Kaelie smiling with Majesti for the cover of a magazine I am sure. Lookin'g good girls!
Let's not forget Darin in the DANGER RANGER (that thing just won't die!) Lindsy flying a kite (yes I know she is 18 but she still know how to have a good time). Martin staring at me like I am annoying with camera or something. And then Devin "surfng" in our above ground pool (he finds a challenge and fun in anything). Well as the saying goes...Family is like fudge...mostly sweet with a few NUTS. I am off for now to see what stress the kids can put me thru today. I can't complain it keeps me feeling young and energetic (til the sun goes down and I see the bed then I fell 90).
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's that time of year agian!

Well here we go again....racing season is finally in full swing. The rain has managed to stay away for long enough that the tracks could dry out and we could go out and get in a couple races. We started out the weekend at the new track in Warsaw. Kaelie ended up 1st and Devin 2nd. They kind of got into each other avoiding ruts and Devin threw a chain. Then back at our home track on Saturday , Countyline Speedway, where Kaelie finished 2nd and Devin 3rd. We had a lot of fun and a little spin out on Devin's part but he recouped and came from the back of the pack and down a lap to pull ahead and finish 3rd. Kaelie was literally half a kart length from winning but fought hard and got 2nd. Maybe next time. She is a woman on a mission to win!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graduation & Districts

Well many of you know that our oldest graduated on Mother's Day this past weekend. It was a good ceremony with all our family in attendance. It was great to have them all here to celebrate with us.
Lindsy is on the way to attend college now. She is probably going to stay local and live at home since the world has turned so expensive lately. She is a smart kid and will do fine. Mom won't have to cry too many tears except for all the extra laundry that will continue. Oh well what better do I have to do?
The family also got to enjoy watching Kaelie and Lindsy play soccer in their districts this weekend. They won the first two games with all in attendance (yelling and cheering quiet loudly) and lost the championship game last night to Catholic. It was a great game and hard faught! Lindsy is a little bummed in the pictures because of the loss and it was her last HS game played. She intends to keep playing only in fun not too much competition.
And here are the girls...they have become very close over this past year. Being in the HS together has helped form a bond and soccer together was great!! They both played varsity so it was great for them and us trying to rush around to attend games. Well our school year is coming to and end and Lindsy's High School career has been completed. On to a new chapter and many more memories.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Granton Update

Well I am having trouble locating my forever moving camera cord. For some reason the family keeps hiding it from me. When I find it I will post graduation pictures! Meanwhile I thought I would update those of you that are praying for Granton about his improvements. He seems to be slowly getting a little better. Praise GOD! The poor little thing has a very long way to go, but every small step is welcomed. Please continue to pray and go get tested for bonemarrow ( its is simply a mouth swab). You can register on line and receive a packet to test in the mail FREE! The deadline is the 21st so hurry if you want to help out.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Graduation is here

Well we are finally there. The day has been getting closer since she first walked through those doors at Bolivar Primary School 13 years ago. How I thought this was so far away I did not need to think much about it, but...listen to your parents when they say enjoy every minute it flies by so fast and they will be gone before you know it. And my advise (not surprising for those that know me) TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! I know not me I never have a camera now do I?? Well here is one last look at a senior picture of my not so little one. Then the next picture I post will be of a High School Graduate!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cards at the Shop

As you may know Huckleberry Layne Candles and Gifts is a store I am helping a friend open. (Yes we are open already)
I have been playing around making handmade cards for the shop. Here are a few samplings. Come by and check us out! Or look us up on the internet at http://www.huckleberrylayne.com/
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