Monday, February 23, 2009


Four years ago today we lost a special girl. Her name was Kyla Quennoz, she was 15. She touched so many lives in so many ways you can't imagine. Lindsay writes her feelings here that so many of us feel. I have, like many others asked, "Why God? Why them?". I heard something one time that made sense to me. God takes the good people that so many of us don't understand why they had to go because if He only took the bad it would not change our lives and make us learn what is important in life and make a difference. She definitely touched us and made a difference in our lives, we will never forget her! Kyla is one reason I take so many pictures. I figure good ones or bad ones I at least have that memory preserved. I treasure every one of them too. She was the same age as my oldest daughter and a friend of hers, as well as a friend to many many others. Thank you Kyla for being our special angel on earth as well as in heaven, and thank you for being their friend, and thank you for changing our lives...for the better.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lucas Oil Winter Nationals

We spent many hours getting their karts ready. I would like to say thanks to Martin for the time and dedication he puts into the sport for us. I have included a picture of our new Nationals champ, Devin. Kaelie won their heat race but came up a little short and finished second. We are really proud of these two. They play hard and race hard. Devin also tried his hat at a flat kart this weekend for the first time. He made it into the A feature out of about 30 entries and placed 6th. He had a blast racing with the adults in this race, and was a fair competitor.
Here you see my two in the front, Kaelie starting pole position and Devin on her side. If you look real hard (good pictures are hard to get here) Their tires are already into each other and they hadn't even gotten the green flag yet. Ok, Kaelie's tire is into Devin trying to push him out of the way I guess. Sibling rivalry is everywhere in our family.
Here is Kaelie and Martin working on her kart in the pits before she goes out on the track. Checking gears and making sure everything is tightened and ready to go. We had a great weekend and the outcome was not too bad either.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A tough Competitor

We started out our weekend on a great note. The kids received awards at the annual Racers Reunion and got to meet Carl Edwards to boot. They had a great time, too bad it was as dark as a cave and my picture sucked. Oh well they had fun. Maybe someday one or both of mine could be on the stage and the ones handing out their autographs. Carl was great and just like one of the "normal" people you would meet on an everyday basis. I think we forget when people become celebrities that they are normal people too. He was great and got right down in the middle of everyone and asked just as many questions from everyone about their racing as they all did about his. Thanks Carl for being such a great role model.
Now onto a new note..... do you see how pretty my little girl looks (above)?? Well don't let that fool you she gets out and scraps with the boys and girls for that matter and defense is her strong point! She got the award above for Track Champion (tied with her brother) but included in the class were 7 other people....all boys! She had a basketball game last night and my word for the day happened to be "orange" so I thought long and hard and thought a picture of a basketball up close would be fitting for our family and that particular color. Well I got to the game and sat watching and watched as Kaelie went to guard a girl and try to get the ball, the girl decided she was going to keep the ball and swung her arm around to get Kaelie loose and at the same time both of their heads went down. I guess from that you can tell there was contact between the forehead of the other girl and Kaelie's cheekbone. You can't say she doesn't play hard I guess. Can you believe how rough girls basketball is?? My beautiful daughter is now being called "Bruiser". As for the color of the day mine changed to black, blue and red from the orange ball game. She is still pretty though..she just feels tougher now. In fact two girls on the team asked her last night if they could get a picture with her today when it was nice and puffy and bruised. What can I say that's my girl!
(BTW she said she would have smiled for the picture but it hurt too bad.) Her coach contacted me thru facebook and said I forgot to add that she actually did get the steal and our team got the ball. Way to go Kaelie.
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