Thursday, March 20, 2008

They did it!!

Well as you may already know, they won!!!!! I have been soooooo busy that I forgot to post anything and have not even been on he computer since we got back! The team had a Pep Assembly the Sunday we got back and I have included a few pictures from them goofing around.
This is the seniors at their best! They are really close and a goofy bunch.
Again I say GOOFY!!! We wanted to fet a pictures with the senior girls and said to do something...they looked at each other and dove under the table. Great minds think alike I guess.
And here is the special one. Dad and daughter sharing the limelight and the the !st place trophy. They still haven't come down from the high yet! Sorry it took so long I have been helping a friend open a business. will post something soon on that and you can come by and check us out. There is a website though...
She is at the old creator designs building...we are in the process of getting it together but welcome you to come by.

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Kendra said...

Well I've been wondering what you've been up to! Sounds like you've been busy. You should all be proud of your girls!!! They're awesome!