Thursday, June 19, 2008

I stole your stolen idea

So I was blogging, sound professional, ha? And a friend posted on her blog that she stole an idea from a friend. anyway, Kendra took an old picture and made it into a bulletin board for herself. My daughter, Lindsy, is redoing her room for a more organized grown up look and wanted something for her wall. I loved the idea so i ran with it.. I did mine a little different (thats what us scrappers do) and she loved it. I went for simple ( no nails, screws or redoing anything required) For those of you that know Lindsy's room you will be impressed with the changes. I will post those when we finish if we ever do). Sounds a little like Kendra and her scrap room, Ha? Where are those pictures anyway?
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Kendra said...

Love the name tag on it! How fun!