Monday, February 23, 2009


Four years ago today we lost a special girl. Her name was Kyla Quennoz, she was 15. She touched so many lives in so many ways you can't imagine. Lindsay writes her feelings here that so many of us feel. I have, like many others asked, "Why God? Why them?". I heard something one time that made sense to me. God takes the good people that so many of us don't understand why they had to go because if He only took the bad it would not change our lives and make us learn what is important in life and make a difference. She definitely touched us and made a difference in our lives, we will never forget her! Kyla is one reason I take so many pictures. I figure good ones or bad ones I at least have that memory preserved. I treasure every one of them too. She was the same age as my oldest daughter and a friend of hers, as well as a friend to many many others. Thank you Kyla for being our special angel on earth as well as in heaven, and thank you for being their friend, and thank you for changing our lives...for the better.


Gina said...

My own kids grew up with Kyla with their babysitter for many years. She was a very special girl and I still find myself thinking about her from time to time, hard to believe she is really gone. She was definately a girl full of life and laughter!!!

Traci Esker said...

It's so sad when we lose them so young. They have so much a head of them. It's nice to see she is still loved and remembered.