Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sports Galore

This is just a little peek into our life. Yes we go non stop all week long. Wouldn't know how else to live though.

Kaelie and Lindsy are in the middle of volleyball right now and have 2-3 games a week. They are doing well this year not sure of the record though...I would have to remember something if I could recite that! God knows my brain doesn't retain anything for more than 5 seconds! Just for your info..Kaelie is a freshman and Lindsy is a senior. OMG I am OLD!

Devin is in the 7th grade and is playing football right now. He I think plays running back and something else ( I have a football block in my brain). One day I will catch on to football and positions. i just cheer and yell real loud when he ( or anyone on his team) has the ball and is running. I do miss alot of all the kids games looking through my camera lens. But that way we can all remember the times that fly by so fast. I do know Devin team is 1-1-0. Only 2 games not too hard to remember!

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