Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Latest Football game

Ok..on Tuesday we had the last home football game. Yes of course we had to have some rain so I did not take my camera. I do however have a ton of pictures from the last game so I included one of them. As you can see Devin is still a ham! The team is now
1-1-1. They pulled it out with a 28-0 finish and Devin did score one of the touchdowns!!!!!YEA.
He loves football and I guess is pretty good at it too. He is growing up way too fast but is still my little boy. Tomorrow I will up date you on the girls volleyball. They play at home tonight so I will update in the morning. They did play on Tuesday also but it was away so we did not make it. God knows with the price of gas who can afford to travel anywhere. Kaelie's team lost but fought hard and Lindsy's team won ! YEA .
I cant figure out how to add another picture (brain dead when it comes to computers I guess) so I will take some more and add some in the morning. Love too hear from all of you leave comments,please!

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