Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well here are the latest pictures...Kaelie and Lindsy's
volleyball buddy pictures, Devin's 7th grade football, Kaelie's win Saturday night, and one of Lindsy's senior pictures.

Kaelie finally won a points race on Saturday night out at County Line Speedway!!!! She was exstatic!!!! Devin came in third that night, but fought hard with Kelby Taylor the whole way! It was a heck of a race. It was the last points race of the season and Devin rapped it up by winning 1st place in points and Kaelie and Trey Fierce I think tied for 2nd. Now one more big race (Oct 13, the Boogieman Race) and we will be done for a while. We will only have football,volleyball,basketball, and track. WOW a break !!! We have football and Volleyball tonight so I will update again tomorrow. Have a great day all!!

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