Monday, March 9, 2009

It''s been a busy few days!

First of all, we spent all weekend at the Indoor Nationals in Lebanon, Mo. It was a great weekend and great weather!!! Devin raced his stock flat kart on Friday night and ended up finishing 5th, not bad for only his second race in it! Here you see him "knucking" Ben to start the race. Devin is in the black #10 kart.
On Saturday Kaelie and Devin both raced their winged F-200's and Kaelie won this one. As you can see she got the sexy trophy girl and everything.LOL Sorry the picture is so bad I was running trying to get by the flagmen and announcer to get a straight shot, so it's blurry but you get the idea. After this race they were able to remove their wings and race with the 500's. The kart's they drive are 200's but because they raced on Coke syrup Devin was able to not only pass the whole pack of 500's he lapped them two times for the win!!!! This was a highlight for him for sure! Kaelie broke her brake rod after the first lap and didn't get to race.

On a lighter side I wanted to share with you a picture of my darling daughter when she was about 5 months old....isn't she adorable! This is Lindsy, she is now 19 so it is the age that mom wants to show these pictures off just to embarrass her, ya know. The products used are from my Scarlet Lime subscription. If comments are left I will share them with her for sure.

This little girl is our newest addition. Lindsy received her for Valentines day from her boyfriend. Her name is Paisley she is a lab pup and a little fireball. This is our first grand dog so I thought we would show her off.


Anonymous said...

OMG...I forgot how fat Linds was as a baby. I remember a picture of her in some outfit with a hat standing by a watering can and the roles of baby fat on her legs. I remember thinking how much I loved it. If you have that, you MUST share it.

Hope the family is doing well. I miss you guys. TSE

Kendra said...

I cannot believe you shared that photo of Lindsy!!! LOL!

I have been a TERRIBLE blog reader lately. I still love you so don't take it personally.