Friday, May 9, 2008

Graduation is here

Well we are finally there. The day has been getting closer since she first walked through those doors at Bolivar Primary School 13 years ago. How I thought this was so far away I did not need to think much about it, but...listen to your parents when they say enjoy every minute it flies by so fast and they will be gone before you know it. And my advise (not surprising for those that know me) TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! I know not me I never have a camera now do I?? Well here is one last look at a senior picture of my not so little one. Then the next picture I post will be of a High School Graduate!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

Denne' told me about your blog, it's great!!

I can't believe Lindsy, she is so pretty! It is fun to see how she's grown up -- I love hearing Denne's stories about all your kids!


Gina said...

I ran across your blog while viewing comments on Granton's blog.
Can't believe your oldest graduated. But then again I can't believe my oldest just finished his first year of college. Having him out of state for a year was a real adjustment on me. Where does the time go???
And Rachel, my baby is going to be a junior next school year. Makes me sad to think about them growing up so fast.