Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graduation & Districts

Well many of you know that our oldest graduated on Mother's Day this past weekend. It was a good ceremony with all our family in attendance. It was great to have them all here to celebrate with us.
Lindsy is on the way to attend college now. She is probably going to stay local and live at home since the world has turned so expensive lately. She is a smart kid and will do fine. Mom won't have to cry too many tears except for all the extra laundry that will continue. Oh well what better do I have to do?
The family also got to enjoy watching Kaelie and Lindsy play soccer in their districts this weekend. They won the first two games with all in attendance (yelling and cheering quiet loudly) and lost the championship game last night to Catholic. It was a great game and hard faught! Lindsy is a little bummed in the pictures because of the loss and it was her last HS game played. She intends to keep playing only in fun not too much competition.
And here are the girls...they have become very close over this past year. Being in the HS together has helped form a bond and soccer together was great!! They both played varsity so it was great for them and us trying to rush around to attend games. Well our school year is coming to and end and Lindsy's High School career has been completed. On to a new chapter and many more memories.
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Kendra said...

Congratulations Miss Lindsy!!!