Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rain and racing

Well we did get racing in on Friday. Devin placed 1st and Kaelie 2nd at Warsaw. It was a good race however....Saturday it rained and we were postponed til Sunday at CLS. We worked all afternoon to prepare and then started the Heat races and guess what?!?! It rained! I am real tired of all the rain. I thought maybe a great picture of my precious little boy racer would cheer you up..it usually makes me laugh when I look at it. No, he doesn't usually look this way out on the track but at home in the garage when he is bored and feeling goofy this is Devin. Watch out Speed Racer.
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Anonymous said...

I should probably date that hottie!! I liked walking aroung with him in wal mart that night when he was being a nut case. Pass on my number to him ; )