Friday, August 22, 2008

WOw is that UGLY

Ok so I was "surfing the net" and found these and they just made me laugh. I think sometimes you just need a good laugh to make the day better. Are these the ugliest things ever???

I do own this dress however, and was planning on wearing it to the first big event my kids had at school. Do you think they will like it? Hope I don't trip. Those bands look a little tricky. Let me know which event would be appropriate for this little number. LOL my kids would DIE! But that is what motherhood is all about, right? Have a great weekend.


Kendra said...

Can I ask exactly what were you surfing for that you stumbled upon so many weird things? You're scaring me.

momma_arch said...

blog hopping. Tell Caelan we are so happy for him!!!!