Monday, August 4, 2008

Branson 08

Well this weekend we had off to enjoy and we did just that. We packed up and headed down to Branson. Matt came along with us but Lindsy had to work. As you can see they are sporting some great new cowboy hats. We got in a little racing of course this weekend. What would it be without it. We went on a go-kart track and went drifting. It was fun but we all hit the wall a few times. And were soaked when we were done.
Darin is pumped up and ready to race. Then we took a leisurely trip to the dam and the guys did a little fishing and Kaelie floated in the ice cold (spring fed) water. I of course was snapping pictures the whole time. Of course no fish were biting it was to dang HOT! Only 100 degrees, so the boys joined her in the raft and floated and splashed each other all the way across the bay. Martin and Darin continued to fish,and believe it or not, no fish were harmed. Matt did catch a mean crawdad though. Tomorrow I will share some more pictures and tell you about the rest of the trip. We got brave and attempted a great feat for a old woman and her kids....stay tunes til tomorrow.


Arlene said...

I love your header! Did you take that picture yourself? If it is your house - I'm jealous!

Kendra said...

I can't see your photos! Sounds like fun, though!