Thursday, November 20, 2008

Advent Calendar My Way

First of all I have decided that for photography purposes I have to repaint at least one wall in my house white. After running through the house looking for a wall to hang this silly thing up on to snap a picture, I realized I don't like white. Brown, black, yellow even purple, pink, and lime green, but no white anywhere. I even stepped outside and very quickly decided that was not going to happen, IT IS COLD out there!! So the pics are bad but you get the point I made an advent calendar.

Do you want to hear a secret??? I found some old white jean capris of my girls and used one of the legs for the background and then went out to the fire pit and got a stick for the hanger and rummaged around to find scraps of fabric to make the rest. Jeeze am I cheap or thrifty and money cautious? Just wondering your opinion.
I used a soft felt for this album and used light blue, soft pinks, and greens for pages on the inside. Thanks for looking. Have a great day.
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Kendra said...

It turned out awesome Kelly! I would go to the burn pit to scavenge for things to use too. So whatever that makes you, I'm there with you!

Love the felt book too. I'll be making one myself. : )