Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She Shoots She Scores!!!

The basketball season has begun, and since it is Christmas break and "they" seem to think that everyone is off for 2 weeks and can attend ball games during the daytime hours, we are playing throughout the break. Our girls are in Lebanon in a tourney and had their first games yesterday. When Kaelie got home she was so excited that she did so good I forgot to ask the scores, but both teams, JV and varsity did pull it out. If you know Kaelie at all she comes and goes with her confidence levels, but when it's there you can't stop her! Yesterday I guess was one of those days. She played quite a bit and ended up scoring 11 points, with 3 -3 pointers and one 2 point shot. Congrats on a great day Kaelie. The picture above is at a different game because I am stuck home tied up with 2 year olds telling me what to do. Oh well at least I don't lack in the area of games to attend, I will be at the night time ones.


Gina said...

She is really growing up, not the little girl I remember from gymnastics at all. Is she a freshman or sophomore this year?

Kendra said...

Good for Kaelie! I can totally relate to her swings in confidence levels!!!

Miss talking to you, Kelly! We need to get together soon!!!

Happy New Year!