Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Basketball has begun

And we have begun another sports season and are in full swing. God forbid we get a break throughout the year. Anyway....this is Devin
he is supposed to be out of football season but as you can see tackling is still going on during basketball season. I think they play so many sports that they get confused as to what season it really is. Ok not really this is just a jump ball but it looks more like a tackle. He did very good the other night they won, and he scored 19 points, the game you see here they weren't so lucky they did loose this one, not without a lot of effort though. I guess it's just another page waiting to be scrapped. I'll hop right on that!
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Gina said...

Don't you just love getting those good sports shots!!! I've become the team photographer for Rachel's sporting activities. Then I download them all to snapfish.com and send everyone that wants them links to the albums. That way they can order on their own and I don't have to worry about getting reprints made for anyone. You'll have to check out my blog and see the most recent ones I have on there of basketball.