Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sled or No Sled You Pick

Ok so here is the crew.. Matt Devin, and Kaelie. They got out the sled and tied it to the back of the four-wheeler. Ok that does not sound too out of the ordinary, right? They jumped on the sled and got pulled around and had a great ol time.

Lindsy even got in on the fun. Notice..
SAFETY first. They did put on the helmets in case of a killer ground hog or something. Then a few days later...

We now had snow but they opted to not use the sled but body sled. I looked out the back window and Devin goes flying by on his BACK!! They simply hung on to rope and layed out on their back (and which ever way they rolled) and got pulled in the snow. Now tell me why would you use a sled with no snow but not use it with snow??? If you can figure out my children please let me know. I guess this is just another day in my crazy busy life.

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Kendra said...

Grass stains? I'm sure Devin is very careful to take care of his clothes. : )