Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lucas Indoor Nationals

Well I am slow on the draw as usual but I will get it online. Devin and Kaelie raced last weekend at the Lucas Winter Nationals. It was a great time (just very gassy)! Devin took first and Kaelie came in second. She also raced good enough that she is getting an airbrushing job done by one of Devins sponsors! He watched her race and decided if she is going to race with the big boys she needs to look good! She is very excited. When it gets done I will let everyone see in on the view.

Kaelie takes this racing very seriously!!! Here she is getting ready to go out on the track and mom is annoying her with the camera. Can you see the "look" on her face??

Here is the start of the race and all I could get was the two of them in the picture. They won alot of prizes from Burris and QRC. (All stuff for their karts) so mom and dad dont have to buy the things!!!YEA!

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