Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wow what a week!

Ok so to start my oldest, Lindsy showed me her Valentines present from Derik. Yes she got a diamond. It is a promise ring (kinda big for that, hope thats all it is)! She was excited and mom gives up she is old enogh to make her own decisions I guess. Love her even if she isn't my little girl anymore. Ok so we end the week last week with this surprise then......

Kaelie moves the truck into the side parking area (by the trailers) and it gets stuck so my dear husband decides to drive thru the yard after ice, snow and rain for a whole week has soaked into the ground. Well guess what?!?!...he got stuck and stuck good. So we call Gary and he comes up in his big 4 wheel drive and pulls right in behind the stuck one and SINKS right down into the yard!! He then proceeds to gun it over and over , mind you I am standing right behind his truck waiting for instructions on what to do, anyway.. We now could hold a dirt race in our backyard. No not for our Karts the ruts are too deep. Thank goodness he has a tractor to and can come flatten it out when it dries up some. Needless to say the cute little blue 2 wheel drive truck sat there for a couple days and another friend with a cattle truck and a 40 foot chain pulled us out from closer to the driveway where it was not so wet. Mark...what do you think of what we have done with the yard?? Want us to come landscape yours???
Muddin' anybody???

We did have our first round of districts last night and pulled out a big win. Tommorrow night though will be tough we match up against the one team that has beat us this year,Marshfield. Wish us luck!


Kendra said...

Bet your neighbors love your dirt track. Wish we were neighbors. We'd come play!

That's some promise ring! Congrats to Lindsy!

momma_arch said...

Girl come on over and play!! We do need to get together sometime.