Friday, February 8, 2008

Craft pretties

My mom brought these little pretties. Aren't they awesome??? They are wine bottle lights. She knows that we are a little bit obsessed with racing so she made Darin and Kaelie a Jeff Gordon bottle and Kara lee a Tony Stewart. I would like to know where her daughters racer is??? I can feel the love. She does sell these if anyone is interested.
I am slowly try to get my SCRAPCAVE decorated and organized, only for the 300th time. I have hit all the flea markets in town and also the thrift stores and found all these awesome little jars.They were a steal at .25-.50 each! I tend to not use it if I can't see it.

I found two baskets like this at the local thrift store for only $1.50 each!!! This one sits in the kitchen with all my mini albums in it. I had hit Margie Pearls and gotten 75 yards of assorted ribbons and didn't know what to do with them. I stopped by and found this and now I dig like it's Christmas morning. Some people are very organized with ribbon but I pull it all out and play with it and then drop it back in. I have to have a little fun in my life.
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