Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liberator Challenge 08

So it is that time of year again. Liberator challenge, where you do stupid stuff and dress in your class colors and make a god-awful fool of yourself in front of everyone.

Yes I was involved in the "foolishness" this year. Kaelie's friends chose to have me be their representative for their class. I guess cause they are all bigger than me and I would have to run thru the halls with books and almost pass out from old age. I do play a great game of ping pong though. Kaelie on the other hand volunteered to do this to herself.
She has 10 pounds (not really) of shaving cream on her head and we were behind her throwing goldfish crackers onto her lovely hair. Yes that is my sweet little girl lookin good! We lost that one and the whole evening cause we were Freshman and the Seniors won cause they are seniors and that is just the way the world works. Thanks to Matt Magana for taking the pictures this evening because I had to have pics and was very busy. Besides, that day the girls had soccer games in the snow, sleet, and rain, while 30 degress outside. I can complain about sitting under 3 blankets all I want, they were out there in the 20 mile an hour winds playing. Kaelie in shorts ( she says she can't play in sweats). CRAZY CHILD! Any way we had a fun weekend and now off on our busy week.
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