Friday, April 11, 2008

What a day we have had!!!

Ok.. so it was nice but cold for the track meet and Devin did very well...he is a fast little man. Must be from all the years of us running after him when he was in trouble and him sprinting away. I guess it all pays off in the end. This was Monday and he came home with 1 first pace medal and 3 second place. Not bad. Tuesday we had a soccer game and it was overcast and getting cloudy as time went on. I managed to snap a few pictures of the girls (Kaelie was at the other end and I didnt quite get her focused right.) Anyway right before half ....
This rolled in. We had a 30 minute delay for lightening and I had to take a kid home cause of the lightening and Devin snapped these out the truck window over by the hospital. The clouds were really spooky. Kinda cool though. It passed in 30 minutes without a drop of rain and the game went on. We won by the way. Yea it all worked out good game, a win, and great pics!

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