Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ok so you know I have been working on the new business with a friend. We are getting there. Wow, it is alot of work to open up! Here is a quick view of our first arrangement. Looks kinda cool, Ha? (my kids hate it when I use that word!) The chips won't stay on the chair when we open either.

This is one of the display cabinets with some of her "goodies" in it. We have been busy making soaps, bears, candles, potpourri, room sprays, and some other things but my brain is tired and cannot think right now.

This is Dreamweaver and Betty the bears. They are hand dipped in wax and you use them as room fresheners. Aren't they adorable! Can't wait till we have everyone shopping and putting in requests. Email me or call me if you have any ideas. Oh yea, we will have fudge and candies from the Omish too!!! I am going to weigh 500 pounds soon (it is way to close to Sonic ). We are in the old Creator Designs building so stop by for a preview and give us some ideas. Or we can sneak you a sale on the sly.
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Kendra said...

We aren't supposed to say cool? I've been saying it since the 70s and I'm not sure I can stop now. : ) Caelan gets mad at me if I give him the peace sign when I drop him off at school. I love to embarrass my child.

I'll stop by and see your store soon! Do you ever sleep?