Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Clampets??

Ok so the DH says we look like the Clampets because I want to hang a clothesline out ( I love love love the fresh air smell). Also in the summer the kids can hang their towels on the line whent they get out of the pool. Ok so... I can pick up the towels off the ground and hang them up on the line. Does it look that bad??
Does this look any better. He complains about my clothes line when we have a beauty of a yard ornament. This poor thing has lived long and mowed hard. We have had many many repairs and lots of trips around the yard but the lawn mower repair man said she is done. So here she sits in our yard looking pretty. And the toys and the pets are slowly disappearing. If you look hard there are two bikes in the grass that are supposed to be ridden but the grass clumps are too high. And I do babysit so before too long small children will be dissappearing too. So yes we have become the Clampet family. If you would like to contact us just send it to the Rednecks out on the top of the hill by the old dead lawn mower out bedhind the clothesline. (that is by the way proper directions for this neck of the woods!)

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Kendra said...

Oooo. Sorry. I have to agree with your husband. But only because I hate clothes dried out on the line so I'd really have no reason to look past the "beauty" of a clothes line.

As for wet swimming towels, we carefully, and artfully, drape them over the railing on our front porch. We especially like to add in the various shapes and textures of clothing covered in ticks from walks in the woods.

You forgot one very important word in your directions. Cattywompas. Over yonder would do, too. But I prefer cattywompas.