Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another day in the Dirt

Here is how our summer is going. Dirt, dirt, dirt...and a little more dirt. I swear if they are not racing they are on the track in our back yard racing and jumping the four wheelers. I don't think my house will ever be clean. Or my pool..they think it is a giant bathtub. I guess you might be wondering who these people are? Lindsy's boyfriend, Derik, decided to take her for a swim (isn't that nice of him?) Devin decided to help of course, and our next door neighbor, Cassidy, joined in to. Kaelie is shooting bottle rockets with her boyfriend Collin, and seeing who they can hit out in the field. Dang we really are rednecks aren't we. My parents really did not raise me this way, sorry mom and dad but I have become a HICK, and I think we like it.

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Kendra said...

Hey! I forgot to tell you Will wants to name one of our chickens Derik.

Really, really good racing last night!!! Congrats to Kaelie!