Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update for the day

Kaelie wins again!! She pulled one out last night at the Warsaw track for the Missouri State Championship Series.. Devin took 3rd. They are now Kaelie 1 win and Devin 2 wins out of 3. She won to Caelan Mccracken buy a nose I will get the picture from his mom and show you how close it was. It was great racing!!! She also lost part of her muffler and still finished. There was no stopping her when she could see the checkered flag coming. Tonights racing will be at Countyline Speedway for the Track points racing and tommorow will continue the State Series at Midway Speedway in Lebanon. We will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures..... But you left out the important information.......Someone (Kelly) turned the big 40 on Friday!!!! Happy Birthday Kelly.....(Don't you dare delete this.....I will send a e-mail to everyone I know! CF

momma_arch said...

You are too funny. Yes I am officially old. Thanks for reminding me.