Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boys will be boys

Ok so you see it started out by mom asking Devin to simply haul the old basketball goal off. A simple request turned into a fun night for the boys. A friend, Kelby Taylor was over and they were supposed to do moms chore I asked of them but as you can see they saw potential in the old thing. They first tried to ride the thing out to the dump pile but when that faultered out came the tools, and waa-laa you have a boys new toy. Hook it ot a four wheeler and risk your life and limb and fun can be found in anything. Yes the moms were watching thats Karalee (Kelby's mom) and we have learned to pick our battles. They don't know the word slow and they are both racers so they know no fear. We just sat back and laughed as they drug each other around and did a few flips as they catapulted each other around the corners. I must say though Devin was not as kind to Kelby on the turns. Then there is my sweet little girl, Kaelie. Yes she was mad cause she wasn't home and saw the pictures later and was not in on the fun. What kind of rednecks am I raising anyway?

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Kendra said...

You showed them the mattress surfing video, didn't you?

So did it ever make it to the dump pile or is it a new toy?

momma_arch said...

The backboard is now a toy, but the rest finally made it to the dump. I threatened them with no trip to the gas station for more gas for the four wheeler if they did not haul it off.