Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend of racing

Here is Darin at Midway Sunday waiting for the kids to go out on the track. I am really excited that I got to sit down and scrap with all my new stuff that Kendra gave me the other day. She is a great inspiration. And go to the Scrap Nook with the gift card Martin gave me for my bday.
Here is Devin buckling up and going out on the track. Does he look a little annoyed with me taking his picture? Yea he is but he loves this later. He took second place Sunday at Midway.
Here is my little dirt princess, Kaelie. She did not have such a great Sunday but had fun racing. She loves this dirty stuff so much. She is just flat out ingnoring me. Have agreat day.
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Anonymous said...

Love the pages....... Nice to hear you got to scrap a little...something besides metal!!! Tell the kids good job...enjoy all your new "stuff".

Kendra said...

I'm so glad you're using the stuff I passed on to you! Love what you're doing. The buttons look awesome!