Wednesday, September 3, 2008

another scrappy night

You can see he still has it. What you ask, well he did complain of sore legs and an aching back, but he did hit a couple home runs!! He said if he hits a homer he does not have to run as hard to get to base, so it is easier. So as you can see he still has it and is still the love able ol' Darin. This was a back to school softball tourney that the staff all played in.
Lindsy and Kaelie did not get to make their trip this year to go and see grandpa Archer (darn the luck, he lives in St. Pete Beach). However I did find photos from last year and decided to use some of my SL kit and scrap a remembrance of the beach. Don't you love the fashion accessory on Kaelie' arm? The trip was right after she broke her wrist racing last year. She did have a fantastic tan line!
This page I am going to enter into a contest over at Scrappin the Music. They had Bon Jovi as the inspiration music this week. "It's My Life" was the song and perfect for Kaelie and her go get em' attitude. Probably won't win but it was fun entering and making the page. Have a great rainy day.
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Kendra said...

Oh my that's a lot of mud!

That's some pretty funny motivation to play well at softball!