Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It has begun

So I took forever to post these, they are from last Tuesday. Devin began his last year in Middle school football last week. He is the running back and lineman. They are also trying him at quarterback some. He had a great game but no one scored on either team. In middle school they don't play til someone wins they just play the allotted time. He is number 13 in case you wondered.

This one was blurry but I loved the shot. He has the ball and is running quickly away from the Willard guys. I would be too, not because I am supposed to but because they scare me! Heck I run from Devin at home when I see him coming (he really really likes to tackle).

In this shot he is the one on the ground tackling the guy with the ball. He does love to tackle!!! He however does suffer from a bone bruise on his back pelvic bone area on the growth plate. What a trooper. I would be laid up and whining. Don't worry, he does whine once he gets home.

Here is the boy at a timeout. My he is getting so big. I know doesn't sound right once they aren't toddlers to put it that way but he is 5'10 and such a great young man not a little boy anymore. :( He is the one with the helmet off. Just thought you would like to get some shots of my crazy busy life. Football has begun and Kaelie just started volleyball. She gets to start playing later this week (she started late). I will be sure to get some pics in when I get some action shots of her too. Have a great day and thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

It just seems appropriate that he play football! He looks great! All the kids are getting "bigger" and I wonder where has the time gone!?
It was good to see you Sunday. Call some time.

Gina said...

I remember when he was just a little tyke when the girls were in gymnastics. Time sure does go by way to fast!! Nice pictures by the way, you and I have alot in common as far as photography goes. I love to take pictures, sometimes the kiddo's get a little tired of it, but I still keep snapping the camera!!!