Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cookies & Tires

So I love to go to the Pioneer Woman's site and look up recipes. As you can see we found a great sugar cookie one and tried it. Do you think she would be proud? I think not!!!!! It started off ok..then.......they got a little nutso! The cookies turned out tasting great but a little much in the icing department (thank you Matt and Lindsy) See how precise they were at the beginning then..

On Sunday night Martin treated us to a treat by going to Lucas Oil Speedway, to enjoy the modified and World of Outlaw races. We had a great time (despite freezing to death) but when we went down in the pits to visit with the racers they love, they ended up with these for some reason. Needless to say Devin has already made a bedside table out of his (boy does it stink!) Mom is going to have Febreeze it or something, it is very smelly. What goes through my kids heads? Where they dropped on their heads as babies or what? FYI...Saturday's races will be made up on this next Saturday night (rain in the middle of the heats stopped us). Double features come out and watch!


mama_in_pajamas said...

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Kendra said...

You know, I just realized I never see your kids wearing anything but sports uniforms and driving suits!!

That's how I decorate sugar cookies too! I don't like decorating sugar cookies. I'm too impatient.