Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Me??

Ok so, I have not been updating very good lately. My camera seems to have lost contact with my hands, and I am on a fiendish cleaning frenzy through my house.
I have not even been able to torment my children with random snapshots at their expense and make them whine annoyingly to me to stop taking pictures and get the random shots of each persons palm as they grow. Does anyone else have 34,000 pictures of the palm of your kids hands??? Devin on the other hand can't be serious and "just smile" he has to make a face and groan everytime I come around. I think this will be one of my new year goals...annoy everyone as much as possible with the camera, while preserving memories. I am going to really go all out and try to do the 365 challenge!! Kendra please help me!!! I may need a support group.

There my first "resolution" as some call them.

Let's see number two...
I am thinking that my house will be organized and clean ( ok smarty pants pick yourself up of the floor and stop laughing at me!) I am going like a mad woman around the house, I even cleaned out the medicine cabinet. Dang girl, things expired in the year 2000!!! I mean really get a grip. I don't like to think of myself as a pack rat until I go on my cleaning sprees. Then I stand there and think why do we have this from 19... whatever. I don't have the patience to pile and organize then have a garage sale like most people. No I pile them into the back of my truck to haul in to the local charity place and think, wow this will help someone I am sure!! Only to find it still in the back of my truck 2 months later and my husband throws it in the dumpster telling me I should just get rid of the things to begin with. This really is a problem I have. So organization
should be bumped to number one I am sure. Or should I take a picture of the mess and then also take after shots. Yep, that is what I should do!

Number three...
I need to find peace. I used to be a very calm easy going person, but lately, not so much. Drama reigns high in our life for some reason...always someone we know with something that somehow engulfs us. My kids are teens, but pretty easy teens to keep up with, none of the "big" problems (yet). They are very active and keep me hopping but I love it (and them) no complaints. So for me I need to not get so bent out of shape and live life and love every minute. Yep, thats what I am going to work towards. I want to spend more quality time with the hubby and play more games with the family. We got a few games for christmas and have a very good relaxing fun time as a family doing that. I found out during our 9 days without electricity, when we had the ice storm , how great life is when your turn off the computer, tv, and telephone and spend some time with your family.

One other random thought came to my mind ( I know imagine that) I want to include the fact that I dont want to stress about being "in" the pictures and try to be on the other side of the camera some so that some family member years down the road knows that I existed and what I looked like, all the messy sloppy times as well as the dressed up posed shots. (this one will be the hardest one!!!!).

So from my blabbering brain to yours enjoy 2009 and spend more quality time with the ones you love, sit back and relax, enjoy every moment, take a picture to remember them and then...clean it all up and put on the shelf so you dont leave a mess. Happy New Year to all of you out there!!!
The Archers

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Kendra said...

#1 I'm not so sure I'll be so dedicated to posting them regularly. My goal is just to be sure and take them

#2 I do the same thing only my donations stay in a pile in the house somewhere (in MY way) because Shawn would be SO annoyed if I left them in the car that long.

#3 You need to learn to be a "NO," girl. Seriously. You could start by being a "Maybe," girl. : )

#4 I set this goal every year and never make it happen. We'll have to help each other on this one!!!