Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I might be a redneck if.....

....this is what you did this weekend. Those of us that live in the middle of the country have to get in the grass cutting and weed eating when we can in between rain in the spring. My lovely daughter thought it would be funny if she snuck out and took an unsuspecting picture of her dear old mom weed eating in my rubber boots. (I also tromp through the woods in these helping the hubster hunt mushrooms. Wow what a site I am.) Yes this is me at my finest. Thanks to Lindsy I will now forever know how ridiculous I looked.
Before weed eating though I decided to go out and enjoy our towns big event of the year and go to the City wide garage sales. The whole town signs up and everyone cleans out their garage of all the crap...goodies....that we all fight over and hope to get the best deal. The lovely weed eater you see me with above, was a great find at $5 at a garage sale. I was told an electric one is crazy to have out here in the boonies, but it is light and I don't have a nervous breakdown everytime I try to start this little baby. I just plug in 5 extensions cords and push a button and go my merry way. BTW we do live on 3 acres, it does take alot of cords to cover that area! The box to the left was only a dollar. For those of you that scrapbook you know what a find these little treasures are. My son scored a fishing pole and everyone was happy.
To end the weeekend I started scrapping again. I have not done anything lately. My cousin Traci sent me some pictures of her beautiful kids and I did get one page done of her little clone. Like mother like daughter. She looks like she is quite comfy in front of the camera.
Since we are in soccer and track season and I have an obsession sith paper bag albums I made these little babies for all the pictures I take. I haven't printed any yet but soon they will be filled and on display on the footstool of our couch. Come by and take a look.
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