Monday, April 13, 2009

My week Wrapped Up

Yes this is yet another day in my busy life. What can I say about Devin? He is a very energetic boy, very very competitive, and there is never a dull moment with him around! Here he is doing one of his many sports he enjoys, middle school track happens to be the sport of the day. He is in 4 events including long jump, 200 meter dash, the 4 X 1 relay, and the 4X2 relay. In this meet he placed 1st in all events and was happy. In the relay the boys broke a school record and in the 200 meter dash Devin shaved off 2 seconds from his time. Awesome awesome day! Mom was happy because this is how the 65 degree day ended at this track meet.

Isn't this a beautiful way to end a great day? I'll take it anytime. Please hurry back nice dry warm weather, please.

The next night and a couple nights after the track meet this is what we did. Kaelie loves this sport. Soccer to her is like breathing. She plays defense and is awesome at it!! She is a go-getter and strives to prove herself in all that she does. She even got a mention from her coach in the paper this week for her and a fellow team mate, Lindsay Kelly, for being, "the keys for us defensively tonight."Coach Edge said. "Rodgersville has a very athletic forward, and those two did a super job of being physical with her and taking her out of the play." How cool is that?? You always want to please the coach. Too bad this picture is of Clinton, good job mom. Oh well you get the point, with 3 games a week I get a little confused, I am getting old you know. Have a great week and I will try to keep you up family! Hope everyone had a happy Easter.
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Anonymous said...

Very cool Kelly! Great pictures. Enjoy every moment!

Lindsy said...

what about me?

Gina said...

Nice action shots!!!

momma_arch said...

Next time I come at you with the camera you'd better smile!