Monday, April 20, 2009

Prom 2009

What can I say...she is growing up fast! Mom you were right when you said time flies when you have children. One minute they are crawling thru the house getting into everything and the next they are off with a boy to prom looking like a beautiful young lady. She is a sophomore dating a senior so we do have a couple more years to cry my motherly tears. Her boyfriend, Colin is a great guy though and they had a great time. Lindsy had to get in on the act to..she stole Colin's sunglasses (he found pink ones to match Kaelie's dress) and his gangster hat and they posed for dear ole' mom.

This is Kaelie's dear friend, Hillary. She is a sweet girl and totes my girl all over town when they get together, and giggle the whole time. It is always nice to see them dressed up like ladies and not in a basketball uniform (with black eyes :)) or in shorts and a t-shirt. You looked beautiful girls!!!
Realize we live in a small town. All the kids that went did not meet up here but a bunch of them did. It is a great thing for the paparazzi parents that live here. We all fight for a great shot and ooh and ahh over each others kids. Most of these kids were in diapers playing together and are now off on their way to a life without us everyday. The senior prom of 2009 has now come and gone and all we have left are memories of a beautiful night and LOTS of pictures!!
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