Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This one is for Mom and Ian....

I don't always do what I say I will right away, but I will get around to it. I tend to be a BIG procrastinator!!! Sorry to all those unfinished projects I intend to get around to, I will get there. To my mother, I post a picture of the lovely green Jeep that my daughter, Lindsy just bought. Ok she bought it 3 weeks ago but here is the picture, finally. Pretty, ha? Her favorite color in the world.
To my nephew, Ian.. I post a picture of the not so city slicker cousins you have down in the sticks. Yes, this is a form of entertainment in these here parts. All you have to do is "text" one person and tell them you have a dirt track in your backyard and the fact that it had rained like cats and dogs the night before made them come in the multitude. The trucks out here where the brave few that ventured out and went mudding in our field on the track. They had a great time then parked them in a circle cranked up the hillbilly music and had a big ol' bonfire. Doesn't that sound like a good time, Ian??? Don't you want to come live with your crazy hillbilly cousins? No comments Denne' or Traci!!

And on to a little bit of normal life, soccer has begun again. It is weird to sit and watch Kaelie out there playing and not see Lindsy!! She is all graduated and a working girl but she still goes when she can to practice and games and helps out with the team. In case you are wondering Kaelie is number 6 the one getting ready to trip the girl next to her (in the white). She is a sweetie off the field! They won this game 4-0.
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Denne' said...

You could at least put a cushion on the futon frame for your guests!!! I thought you were opening up a used car lot. I guess you didn't like my lemonade stand idea!

Traci Esker said...

My god...Alex is your sone not mine! He would be in 7th heaven if he had the possiblity of racing around a dirt track in the back yard. Lex on the other hand, would stay inside and play dress up and put on make up. Check out my blog for a great picture of her wearing lipstick. BTW, Alex wants to know when he can move in.