Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Some of you may think I am a little off my rocker for letting my kids race, but besides it being in their blood, I feel like they are safe in a winged, caged, and belted kart. My son on the other hand always has to test the boundries! He has accomplished alot in his few years of racing , but always pushing just a little harder every time. My picture of day is of the wing on his first kart. Needless to say, it did not look this way until his last race of the year that year. He did not even flip. He just came around a corner and the kart in front of him hit a rut (that should not have been there) and stopped on a dime. Devin then rear ended him in a turn and got hit from behind and the kart behind him landed on top of his kart. He had a bruise from the seatbelts but all in all was fine. He of course climbed right back in after being checked out, and the wing being bent back up, to look like this (kind of) and replaced a few parts, and raced his little heart out. Again, was taken out by a child that was in their first race that plowed into him, but we did have a great weekend. This by the way was Nationals, and he was not able to finish. Which has led to the desire to win even more since then. So the word for the day was Sport, and this is the extreme sport that my children are in and love. Boogity boogity.
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