Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 POD journal

As I have already said I am challenging myself to a "picture of the day" (POD) for each day of 2009. This is really rough for me because those that know me know that
1: I am a bit scatterbrained
2. Because of this I get sidetracked easily
3. I do babysit small children and attend multiple games for my children and husband year around.
4. I am always busy. (yes, Kendra I am trying to learn the word NO)

Anyway in stead of trying to do the challenge properly and post on line everyday also, with a picture and something clever to say, I am going to keep them hidden away in my camera and make notes in my journal, then put the cooresponding pictures in there. This way my children can look back on how crazy not only our lives were but their mother too. I hope all of you out there remember no matter what kind of camera or how good you take pictures, take them...LOTS of them. You never know when you won't be here anymore or your loved ones won't, so treasure those memories and then if you feel led scrap them! I made this journal out of my kids cereal box when they finished with it. It is able to expand since it is two pieces and I can include as much as I would like. After all anything left sitting long enough is scrappable ya know. Have a great day.

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