Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life at my house in the new year

Well let's see... I am working hard on my "goals" I am not going to post my 365 pictures online all the time though. They are going into a journal I have here to write in along with the pictures. I can't take that pressure!!! You are doing an awesome job Kendra!!!
Meet Lindsy and her boyfriend Reece. Then meet the two amigos that have been friends since Devin was born (literally I babysat Cord before I even got pregnant with Devin ). They are never serious and always entertaining!!!
This is a typical day around here. Nuts I know!
Devin's sponsor invested in a new toy...a flat kart, then proceeded to slap on a YF200 motor and took him for a spin in a parking lot to test drive. Wow it can get up and go. I will say no more the mom thing kicks in now.....
And here are my girls. Aren't they pretty??? Yes, I took Kaelie to the local tattoo parlor and let my 16 year old "tat" herself up for the new year...NOT! All the basketball girls are into the temporary tattoos...I think it makes them look tougher out on the court or something. Well I just wanted to give you a sneak peak at the family in 2009. Sooner or later I will have time again to update this blog more often. I would love to hear from all of you. feel free to leave me a comment (only nice ones!).
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Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

I love the temporary part of their tattoos. And yes, they are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know you are still there! Cord and Devin....funny! Yes, the girls are adorable and beautiful!!! CF

Traci Esker said...

Your children are all beautiful. Tell Kalie to stay away from permanent tats. Although I still love mine, I can't imagine what some LPN is going to think when I'm a home.