Friday, January 16, 2009


My word for they day(yesterday) is "Jolly". I took time and thought what does that mean to me?? I looked at things for inspiration online and nothing hit me, then I went into the kitchen and saw this cup from Sonic. It was left over from the games the night before. I thought dang, I would LOVE to have a Sonic coke, and that's when it hit me. When I really have the urge to have one these little things make me very very jolly on the first sip. It is like my day will be fine after that. So after along drawn out explanation this is my POD....Sonic cokes make me JOLLY!
Today's word is "square"...I was, as usual, cleaning up my scrapping mess and this "square" stood out because I have 2 of these little pretties that sit on my desk and hold all my what-nots. They are old soda crates and at the $1 each I paid, I not only got a steal they are priceless to me. Yes it is a little warped from age but so am I so I won't complain too much (about the crates, about myself I can complain all I want!). This makes me excited for warm weather and garage sales, the snow outside isn't helping much. Oh well, have a great day and stay warm and cozy this weekend!
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Kendra said...

I'm jealous of your $1 crates. I paid more than that for mine.